Rumors from Jekyll

I’m hearing that the Farm Bureau folks left a retreat down there all fired up about Gary Black running for Agriculture. I get a strong sense that the membership will be pushing for him. I report the gossip, you all discuss in the comments.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    You mean the farmers of this state arent supporting the gentleman horse fancier with little agriculture experience to be Agriculture Commissioner? I for one am shocked. Shocked I tell you.

  2. landman says:

    The rumor mill has it that Wayne Dollar isnt going to run for Pres of the Bureau and that Black is taking a very serious look at getting out of Ag and running for it instead.I hope he doesnt choose to get out so we can use this race as an example for any more Dems that may want to run in any of our future primaries.

  3. Z Corlensky says:

    I was at the farm bureau meeting in savannah Monday and wayne dollar is not running for president of farm bureau again.

    I spoke with one of gary blacks supporters who said that gary knows he can’t beat tommy and was gearing up the campaign to position to run for this.

    I heard from several people down there. It is more than a rumor. Everyone knows he is better suited for this position. It seemed like Gary had already put out feelers about how he would be accepted in the race for farm bureau president.

  4. Silence says:

    I just got off the phone with Gary’s people. Contrary to the malicious propaganda being promoted on this site, Gary is not, and will not, back down from this race. His fundraising numbers surprised even me, and I’ve thought he was the man to beat from the beginning. I also recieved a letter from the Kemp campaign today, which was a poorly worded, thinly veiled attempt at begging for money before the Jan 9 deadline. Word on the street had it that he was having trouble raising money…I didn’t want to say anything, but this letter is about as much proof as I need.

    I still think it’s a crying shame for a man like Kemp to be used and taken advantage of like this. We know Crotts is out, and it’s highly unlikely that Lamutte will do anything at this point. McGuire switched to AG, for the good of the party. Brian should buck those who are controlling him, and switch to Labor. He’s qualified for it, and I’m firmly convinced he could kick Thurmond’s tail.

  5. Silence says:

    Good call, Buzz. I need to take my own medicine. However, I wouldhave said nothing had it not been for the letter. Thanks for helping keep things balanced.

  6. Jack S says:

    Silence, for the sake of our sanity, shut up! Your postings are getting more and more bizarre!

    Everybody is sending out fundraising letters right now. The Governor just sent out a letter. It’s called fundraising.

    The disclosures will settle the issue of who has what and who did what. No one cares what impresses you or your opinion on fundraising success.

    Gary Black is a democrat. What’s pathetic and thinly veiled is some of yall’s obsession with him and your obsession in attacking Kemp and his team.

    Honestly, it’s just sick.

  7. Groseclose says:

    It sounds as if a few Kemp supporters are doing a little wishful thinking before Christmas. I haven’t talked to anyone from Gary’s campaign, but my guess is that Gary is staying firmly planted in the Ag commissioner’s race.

    As a matter of fact, I am not sure that the President of GFB is any more influential in this state than the President of GAC (Of course, my view is shaped most by past performance and leadership of the two men who currently serve in those respective positions rather than the potential of the positions). I know that GFB probably has a larger budget (due mainly to insurance sales), more members (most of which are not farmers), and more employees (many of which focus on the insurance side). But, when you get in the trenches in shaping policies, I bet many lawmakers rely on Brian Tolar and Gary Black more than do Wayne Dollar, John Huffmaster, and Jeffery Harvey. It was Gary Black who Saxby had appointed to the task force on payment limitations, not Wayne Dollar. So, I might have digressed from my point, but I hope it rings true–don’t flatter yourself or your candidate by spreading rumors that Gary Black would drop out to run for GFB president. They are numerous logical reasons why that won’t happen (most of which I have not mentioned), not least of which is that moving to GFB is not necessarily a promotion.

    On a side note, I have and still benefit a great deal from my involvement in GFB. Please don’t take my comments as anything less than respectful toward President Dollar or the fine organization. I was simply contrasting the roles for some of the Kemp supporters who don’t understand the fallacious logic on which their absurd rumors are based.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    I’ve met Gary and I’ve met Brian. I’m supporting Brian. It’s pretty simple to me.

    Agriculture is important to ALL of Georgia, not just the farmers! I eat — food is important — so agriculture is important to me and I’m supporting Brian Kemp.

    As well, we need PARTY LEADERS who will stay neutral during primaries HINT HINT…

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Silence, if you are in need of some Drano for your “own medicine”, let me know your shipping address and I’ll buy you the finest-smelling medicine. All you need to take is one capful and it will clear-up anything you have. πŸ™‚

  10. Romegaguy says:

    Yeah I did use the word gentleman loosely….=)

    Roger Kahn is a “cattle farmer” when he isnt getting fined by the Feds for illegally killing migratory birds. Not a horse farmer.

    I heard Ralph Reed was interested in that Farm Bureau position.

  11. landman says:

    Silence,you obviously do not know Brian Kemp, noone is ever going to control him or dictate what he does.Kemp wil do fine as our next Agriculture Commissioner.By the way,his fundraising is going fine,You have got to get over this jealousy thing with Mcalhannon it makes you sound silly.

    Just remember Conservative State Senator vs Democratic Lobbyist,nuff said!!!!!!!

  12. Capt. says:

    Well said landman. I think you are right. The problem with silence is that she is jealous of those who are successful like mclhanen. jealousy makes you sound and appear very irrational and unintelligent.

    We all know who the best candidate is. We all know the man who is most qualified—the small business owner, the state senator, the conservative, the republican, the candidate who can beat tommy irvin, the independent, hard working leader, and that man is Brian Kemp.

    We all must keep in mind that Gary Black is the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT LOBBYIST, an unexperienced politician, the man who voted for Al Sharpton or Mosley Bruan, the man who has made his living as a lobbyist, a lobbyist who is being paid to run for Ag Commissioner, and the candidate who tommy irvin is voting for in the Republican primary. Because Irvin like the rest of us, know that Gary Black, the special interest lobbyist, will lose against irvin.

    And remember, if the Democrats were still in control of GA Government, Gary would be running as a Democrat.

  13. Romegaguy says:

    I remember reading in here that Kemp has voted for Democrats in his past too… I guess that would make him a liberal Democrat, too

  14. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I’m betting Silence does know him. If one should actually not know who he is, then they’re certainly not qualified to give “Insider/Expert” advice about anything to do with GA Campaigns (not suggesting that all posting requires “insider” knowledge)— I’m sure you know who Joel McElhannon is, almost everyone that posts (or even reads) this site knows who he is – like him or not.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Silence may very well turnout to be the biggest liar since Ralph Reed…Wonder what her first name is….Linda? Nahhhh…Elizabeth?…could be…Susan?…could be…Kay?…could be…

  16. Silence says:

    Hamrick? LaVack? Cable? Godwin? Nope, keep guessing. Fellas, please, my tongue was firmly implanted in cheeck. Sorry, there’s not a smiley πŸ˜€ to convey that one. My apologies. Of course I know who Joel is. Not much of an opinion, because I’ve had little personal contact with him. I know him mostly by reputation…that is to say, he started winning an awful lot after Ralph fired him, and he’s won alot ever since. Go figure.

  17. Bill Simon says:

    Silence, I am, once again, amazed at how much dog feces you choose to vent onto this board.

    Before Joel went to work for the torturous few months he was at Century, he had been on the hunt for a job at the Hall County Board of Commissioners. Guvment entities being what they are, they moved a litle slow on reviewing his application.

    However, when they called for him after he had already been working at CS, he bid Walphie and Tiny Tim a fast (as opposed to a fond) farewell and left them.

    So, Silence, again, you display two things: 1) you’re a liar, and 2) you’re a dumbass.

  18. Silence says:

    Thanks, Bill, I uh, really appreciate your clearing that up for me. Apparently, I was sadly mistaken. Pearls before swine, my friend, pearls before swine. -Sigh-, when am I ever going to learn?

  19. Bud says:

    Bill, I think you are on to who silence is. It is one of the first two names you mentioned though. She has a strange obsession with swine though, it is a little creepy. She must have a crush on McElhannon I guess, since she is always talking about him.

  20. ConservativeFire says:

    bill, you are right, she is definitely attracted to skandalakis and ralph reed. those are her guys. we can all tell that she definitely does have a split personality.

  21. Silence says:

    I’m more attracted to guys like you, Fire, you know, lower level, low key, small beans…those other guys are just to high up and important for me.

  22. ConservativeFire says:

    cute silence. your despiration to be noticed in the political world is like that of a 2 year old trying to get some attention in a room full of people. insults and immaturity are not the way be noticed, you should do something productive and positive like get a job or win a race depending on who you are and then maybe you will get some positive attention, some respect, and maybe someone will take you seriously.

    silence your attacks and desperate responses show all of us that i really do know who you are and it scares the hell out of you.

  23. Silence says:

    Fire, what’s really funny is the fact that I know you think you know who I am, but I also know you’re so far off base it’s hilarious. Better leave that type of stuff to the more mature folks like Bill. He’s a butthole sometimes, but at least he kind of gets close. In answer to your question, Close, it’s simply because the Kemp folks have nothing BUT insults to hurl. Substantive issues aren’t even a part of what they’re about. At least with the Reed issue they’ve got the appearance of evil to work with. With Gary, they don’t even have that. Wow.

  24. Bill Simon says:

    I dunno, Silence…with good ole’ Jack Abramoff’s name in the news so often these days, the term “lobbyist” just isn’t going to produce too substantive a “warm and fuzzy” for people to warm-up to Gary Black.

    Maybe Scott Rials should go see if Grant Brantley wants to run for Ag Commish…

    I’m beginning to think you may be Erick’s wife since I wouldn’t know what either he or his wife would look like…and, neither of you would know me.

  25. Silence says:

    Ok, ok, I’ve got to quit playing games or Erick’s going to kill me. It was fun, Bill, thanks. I’m also tired of having to go back to the second page of posts to read this, LOL. Let’s take it up to another thread if we want to continue it.

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