More rumors from Jekyll…

I also hear that for an audience of 2000 members, Cathy Cox went and gave a very personal, convincing sales pitch. Sonny, on the other hand, sent a video. Not good if you want to develop your repoire with a statewide grassroots group…

Here’s a question for everyone. I heard a rumor yesterday that Randy Evans has left McKenna Long & Aldridge. Can anyone confirm or deny that? I was more curious than anything else, and then someone suggested this morning that he might be interested in AG. It makes sense…


  1. Groseclose says:

    For what it is worth, the Governor gave a very comprehensive keynote to last year’s FB convention. If you know the convention, it is a lot of the same, older folks that return year after year. Nonetheless, I agree, it would have been good for the Governor to have been there.

  2. Silence says:

    Sonny is probably more qualified to speak to that group than any other, that’s why it surprised me that he wasn’t there.

  3. JackDill says:

    When I called McKenna Long and got put on hold (as always) they played “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.” Coincidence?

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