Black and Norwood

Gary Black will have a campaign event on December 10, 2005, with Charlie Norwood at Harlem High School on Hwy 221. I have no clue where that is, but it’s only $10 per person.


  1. ConservativeFire says:

    It really says something when a Congressman can only get a candidate 10 dollars a person. I guess this is because all the power players in the Augusta region are on board with Kemp. It shows how bad the Black campaign is going when all they can get is 10 dollars a person. Another sign that Gary may need to run for Farm Bureau instead of Ag.

  2. GAWire says:

    I don’t know anything about this particular fundraiser, and I don’t even know a lot about Gary Black, but you are clearly misinformed if you think a campaign is doing bad just because the fundraiser is for $10. Most events like this actually charge nothing, and leave it up to the attendees to leave a check if they want. You clearly don’t know much about political fundraising if you think all events are $1000 a plate, and anything else means the candidate is doing poorly. Moreover, this is the race for Ag Commissioner … how many $1000 per couple events can a candidate for Ag Commissioner expect. C’mon …

  3. ConservativeFire says:

    GAwire, we are not talking about just any fundraising event. We are talking about a fundraiser with a US Congressman.

  4. Jack S says:

    I like Charlie and respect him supporting whoever he wants. I’ve heard he is long time friends with Gary and a man should support his friends.

    But $10 a person, for a Congressman?

    That’s just embarrassing for him. Sad, just sad.

  5. Groseclose says:

    Kemp supporters, how much is Brian charging for his events with Members of Congress? Just trying to feel out the fair market value for a Member of Congress/Republican candidiate for Ag Commissioner, community wide event.

  6. waterboy says:

    Good point Groseclose…..does Kemp have an event scheduled with a Georgia Congressman? Gary Black is endorsed by Norwood, Deal and Westmoreland according to his site.

  7. Romegaguy says:

    It seems the only people spreading the rumor about Gary deciding to “run” for President of the Farm Bureau is hopeful Kemp supporters who realize that this is the only would they would win the primary.

    Seems I also got a fundraising invite for Kemp a few months ago for a inexpensive fundraiser. I dont remember who was on the host committee… could have been nobody. It definitely wasnt a Congressman. Oh that’s right. Kemp doesnt have any Congressional endorsements, does he?

  8. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    I have heard rumors that Charlie might not run again due to his health. That would set up a free for all in the distict at this late date, Republicans falling all over themselves to run.

  9. Z Corlensky says:

    well if gary thinks he can win by having the support of a congressman who cannot even campaign for himself, that is fine. gary can have the support of washed up old congressman. that is about all the guy has going for him. tommy irvin laughs to himself everytime he thinks of running against gary because he knows that he can crush gary black like a bug. the word on the street here in valdosta is that tommy breaks out in hives everytime he thinks of kemp.

  10. Silence says:

    Methinks Corlensky and ConservativeFire are the same person, and if I’m right, Brian needs you as his body guy, not posting on the web. Fee Fie Fo Fum, here comes Brian Kemp, long black duster, dual pearl handled revolvers, and black aviators to boot. Tremble, ye Democratic farmer swine (and Republicans like Gary Black)…I’m sorry, every time I read your posts it cracks me up.

  11. DoubleDawg3 says:

    While I’m for Kemp, I’ll agree with GAWire – having a $10 fundraiser with a US Congressman isn’t a “bad” thing – it’s a GREAT thing — the point of this fundraiser isn’t really to make money (in fact, the $10 is probably to cover the cost of food that’ll be served, and maybe have a little left over) – it’s to show off his endorsement by Norwood AND to give the “average” person a chance to come meet and greet with Norwood and Black.

    Plus, as some mentioned, this is an “ag” race — don’t expect too many farmers to be willing to pitch out $250-1000 for tickets to some dinner in Buckhead — they have way too much common sense to do that!

    That said, I’m sure Kemp will do some “low dollar” fundraisers — he would often do free barbecues around Athens/Watkinsville while campaigning for state senate — it’s a good way to meet with average, potential voters or just another way to reward your loyal supporters.

    Oh, and as for the Harlem High question – It’s in Harlem, Georgia which is in Columbia Co. (not too far for Norwood to travel then)

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