The Cagle Fundraiser

I hear from several sources that the Cagle fundraiser went very well tonight and that he announced he had raised over $1 million. A couple of people told me that Senator Tommie Williams and Speaker Richardson were in attendance along with several members of the State Board of Transportation, members of the legislature, and former state senator Clint Day.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    $1 million…and, we’re just on December 7…he has enough time to put the fundraising perhaps at the 1/10 of a million more…and make it “$1.1 million”…

  2. GAWire says:

    Where and when? I thought campaigns were going to submit schedules to Peach Pundit – that would help, considering I can’t keep up with the different schedules via the campaign websites. I will check MPR …

  3. landman says:

    The event was an absolute home run for CC.There were easily 20-25 Senators and House members present.It was a who’s who gathering of Developers from around the state.Shirley Franklin even dropped in to wish CC well in his race for LG.

    There was a dinner afterwards with all but 2 of the DOT Board members for the major donors and the speaker joined us along with several senators and a couple of house members.

    I wish some of you who question CC’S vision could have been there to hear him speak of his plans foe this office.

    The event tonight is a 159 Group event,which by the way has endorsed CC.This campaign is hitting its stride!!!!!!!!!!

  4. GAWire says:

    Wow, Shirley Franklin, you say? Did she show up with her posse, i.e. Dallas Austin Houston … (or whatever), dancing to The ATL? Perhaps the LG Primary should be decided on which candidate can dance better to Atlanta’s new, famed theme song …

  5. Tommy_a2b says:

    I do not think I would want Shirley Franklin at my Fundraiser. BUT money is money (I bet she did not pay.)

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Momentum is on Casey Cagle’s side.

    Casino interests, corrupt lobbyists, federal investigators, Jack Abramoff, and a few others who are demonstrating a new meaning of the word loyalty are on Ralph Reed’s side.

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