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I had several opportunities over the weekend to talk to people about various and sundry political happenings around the state, and in our region here. And, of course, it’s a pre-established conclusion that the Lt. Governor’s race came up at a party I attended Saturday evening, while watching the Dawgs work miracles at the Dome. Go Dawgs!

Anyway, two of the fellas I consider to be friends and fairly close acquaintences were talking about how much they hated Ralph Reed, and proceeded to explain to me that they were planning, should Ralph be the Republican nominee, to vote for the Democrat. This alarmed me, as it would any Republican truly concerned with the integrity of our value system, and so I pressed them to explain to me more. All issues surrounding the embattled Ralph Reed aside, it concerns me to think that someone would consider voting for Jim Martin over a Republican. It’s personal, and we don’t have to explain why, but it’s personal, and we’re going to put Ralph in a body bag, they exclaimed loudly, much to my consternation as I noticed other people beginning to stare. I then proceeded to press them to explain to me why they would persist campaigning in the negative, that is, against someone, than being a pro-active campaigner, and campaigning FOR something. What does Casey Cagle stand for, I asked? “Everything that God stands for,” the proclamation came even louder still, at which point I realized it was a fruitless conversation and simply walked away. These weren’t the children that normally surround Cagle when he travels…these were two grown men, active in the Republican establishment, and at least to this point, somewhat respected in the community.

All of the bullcr** that goes on at the Pundit aside, I have to honestly wonder where this race is going. If this represents the calibre of the “Knights of the Holy Grail” that surround, and are campaigning for Casey, then we’re all going to hell in a handbasket should Casey get elected. Not because Casey is bad news in and of himself, but because he’ll be overshadowed by those who surround him, much like our Governor has in the last several years. I think it’s referred to as guilt by association.

I suppose it’s a vain attempt, but I really would like to ask this: Reed and Cagle supporters alike: what do your respective candidates stand for? Not what have they done in the past, not what has their business supported (because I guarantee you if you dig long enough, you’d find SOMETHING that Casey Cagle’s bank has done that would be less than pristine for his reputation, much like the dirt the media paid to have raised on Ralph), but what issues do they stand for. What leadership positions have they held? What power punches can they bring that will benefit the people of Georgia? Cause like it or not, folks, the Lt. Governor won’t just be a leader in the Republican party…he’ll be a servant for everyone in Georgia, regardless of their party affiliation. Eventually, politics has to turn into policy, and my question is this: can we lay politics aside for what is best for the people of Georgia? Perhaps. But first, there has to be some element of policy involved.

As is my habit, I take this opportunity to reassure our readers that I am not endorsing Ralph or Casey by this post, though I may seem to be defending Ralph to a certain extent. I used to work for Ralph, and he has always been my candidate of choice, though I have to admit I wish both Ralph AND Casey would get Presidential appointments to be diplomats in foreign countries and we wouldn’t even have to deal with it. But, that’s utopia, this is reality, and at this point, I just have alot of unanswered questions about this race.


  1. Silence says:

    Absolutely not, particularly if Ralph decided it wasn’t worth it, or Casey did the same, which I think is a possibility for either one of them right now.

  2. Tater Tate says:

    The way the CC people have acted thus far insures someone will jump in if RR gets out, which is still unlikely.

    Had they not made this a destroy RR at any cost campaign, it might have been otherwise, but it is too late now.

    CC’s campaign will reap what they have sown. Although they criticize RR for his work for Skandalakis, they are quickly becoming the Skandalakis of 2006.

  3. larry smith says:


    Better get back to work, or you will be the first intern ever to be fired in the entire history of Georgia state government.

    Not endorsing Ralph? Right. Did I tell you I saw Elvis at Publix last night?

  4. larry smith says:


    You seem like a reasonable person, so let me ask you two questions:

    1) Is it fair to assume the Cagle people are to blame for the problems Ralph has created for himself? I mean, it isn’t like they forced him — to use a recent example — to lobby illegally in Texas. Don’t you think this “grassy knoll” theory that Cagle is spinning all of Ralph’s woes from thin air is a bit silly?

    2) Have you bothered to check out the policy plans Cagle has issued (on jobs and education), research his legislative accomplishments (stronger DUI penalties, major tax cuts, etc), or attend one of the many public events he’s held to talk about these issues?

  5. GAWire says:

    My answer to your question is: go to their websites to find out their qualifications, experience and all that crap that most of us on this site don’t care about. You will still see Cagle beats Ralph there anyways.

    To your other point, it is personal for a lot of people within the GOP establishment in this state. You worked for Ralph, you say, but I wonder when you worked for Ralph. If you notice, most of the people that worked for him and that still support him, worked for him at Century Strategies. A lot of folks that were the GOP before he became Chair will not support him, b/c they know who he WAS, who he BECAME, and whe he IS now.

    Ralph’s “problems” are not just skeletons in the closet. His plagiarism thing is a skeleton, but who really cares about that? His current issues represent who Ralph is now. He became a political whore, and a lot of consultants/lobbyists are that way, which is why most realize they could not run for office. I said this before, and I will continue saying it: he did a lot behind the scenes for the GOP, but that certainly doesn’t make him a good candidate for elected office. Cagle has already proven that he is a good candidate.

    One final point … if you are really questioning what will happen if he does win … if Ralph Reed wins, everything the GAGOP has built in the past few years (that includes before the takover and including the work Ralph did) will begin to be lost and we will be worse off for it in the long run.

  6. landman says:

    Silence,I really do enjoy reading your attempts to come off as a nuetral bystander in this race,it makes for good reading albeat fiction of course.

    If you want to hear what CC is for take the time to go hear him speak,you will hear his plans for this office.What you will not hear is empty rhetoric and shameless namedropping.
    I dont know your two friends and it sounds like they have issues with RR on a personal level,but the majority of the people who are supporting CC are doing so because they feel he is the person for the job.

    Experience,Integrety,and Character normally carry the day and they will in this race as well.

  7. Jack S says:

    Per my previous post about the really pathetic insights that Silence throws up on here – Poser Politics, just like that Poser Mobile commercial.

    Silence apparently is just not that bright. Despite the fact that I’m supporting Casey, the reality is that Ralph is finally offering policy and some kind of vision of what he wants to do.

    It’s obviously just a tactic to try to change the subject from the devastating press coverage of his work as a lobbyist, but it’s a vision nonetheless.

    Both candidates are talking about their plans, their vision and these fools are just simply refusing to acknowledge it. They are in love with Ralph, and probably very afraid of losing their low level jobs when Casey becomes LG.

    There is no logic in their postings. There is no reality. It’s just a rant and a very pathetic attempt to change the subject away from Ralph’s press coverage.

    This is not hard to figure out – it’s all over their websites. Both candidates are offering details and Silence and Tater think that if they just cover their eyes that everything will be ok for their little Ralphie.

    There are legitimate policy differences between these guys. Ralph supports the education sales tax and eliminating the income tax (although he doesn’t say how he’ll pay for that). Casey supports creating more flexibility for local taxation and targeted tax cuts to stimulate job growth.

    Would the adult, non- Ralph staff, non-posers on this site please join me in engaging in a great debate on whose ideas are strongest? Please, Erick, stop allowing this moron to post on here. It’s degrading an otherwise great site.

  8. Tater Tate says:

    Careful Silence. I think the caglelites intend to do to you what they have done to RR. All the caglelites seem to offer is personal attacks.

    You know I like Cagle. I just don’t like his followers as represented on this blog, who will hurt him in the end because they are really just motivated by hatred for RR.

  9. landman says:

    Tater,you couldnt be more wrong. I have not done a thing to RR we are all big boys and have to ride the road we pave for ourselves.RR problems are all self inflicted and anyone who gets in the political game knows it is a full contact sport.
    I support CC because I feel he is a far more qualified candidate than RR. If you guys can overlook the pattern of unethical behavior on RR’s part so be it,but dont act you or RR are some kind of pathetic victim.You cant wear a white hat and play in the mud and RR should have thought about this prior to getting in this race.

  10. larry smith says:

    Tater, I said something nice about you before, but I take it back. You’re a fricking nancy who can’t take a joke, just like your buddy Silence (if you’re even different people).

  11. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Its the AJC that has it in for RR, not the Cagle campaign. And dont believe for a second that there is collaboration between the two. The AJC is every bit the typical big city liberal rag that prints all the news designed to destroy Republicans, the military, Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church. Thinking that the Cagle campaign is somehow allied with the AJC is absurd.

  12. Tater Tate says:

    Thanks Larry Smith. I don’t know what a “fricking nancy” is–never heard that term in south Georgia–but I am known for my sense of humor. I post here regularly don’t I.

    And I have to take up for old Silence every now and again. Those of us who will say a kind word for Ralph are few and far in between on this blog.

    In fact, I’m getting tired of that job. Ralph’s campaign should have some folks doing that for him here like all you Cagle staffers who post regularly;).

  13. larry smith says:

    As for the latest conspiracy theory — that Cagle’s staff is behind everything on this board — don’t you think it’s odd that most Ralph supporters hide behind cover names? What does that say about their candidate?

    There was a second shooter on the grassy knoll, I tell you!

  14. Tater Tate says:

    Bill, now that I think of it, you ought to come down south and do some campaiging for CC. I don’t think you get out of Cobb enough to know what the rest of Georgia is really like. We don’t bite, you know, and even like people with strange Atlanta accents;).

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