Trouble in Coleman’s Office


The former secretary of Rep. Terry Coleman, D-Eastman, turned herself in Friday to face a charge that she stole $131,000 from Coleman’s campaign account.

That’s a lot of cash.


  1. GAWire says:

    Ouch. Dem Members stealing from charities and secretaries stealing from campaigns … I am feeling better about our internal problems w/in the GOP (although I will feel much better once we have resolved the Ralph Reed issue).

  2. The secretary of a legislator isn’t much different than the secretary of a corporation or one at the dentist office. If they are stealing from their employer, it has nothing to do with who the employer is. If Bank of America’s secretary gets caught stealing, we wouldn’t say the bank is in big trouble, similarly Coleman had the poor luck of having a thief on staff (who stole his personal campaign money, not state money).

    Any attempted moral equivalence between a secretary and the leadership of the US Congress will fall pretty flat upon scrutiny.

  3. GAWire says:

    To an extent, that is true. I was really just kidding, but since you brought up the comparison, if you look at past situations, employees and problems with them actually often do say a lot about what goes on in business or government offices. I don’t know if Coleman had any clue – he probably didn’t. But look at the problems with various corporations – it has been key employees that have caused their own trouble and trouble for the company itself. Same thing with political offices – Tom DeLay is getting a lot of flack for stuff his staff did – a lot of which happened after they left DeLay’s office.

    I see your point in this situation, Chris, but I’m not sure your explanation totally applies.

  4. Ben King says:

    I still think you are stretching it to say a Congressional aide and a state legislator’s campaign secretary are the same. A lot. And a corporate VP, for that matter, is way different from a secretary.

  5. I think we’re all more or less on the same page. The biggest difference between DeLay aides and Coleman’s secretary is that DeLay aides even after they left his office were still part of the same ideology and machine. A lot of the illicit things done on the national level (like the K Street Project) are questionable uses of money that’s goal is furtherment of the Republican hold on Congress.

    If Coleman’s secretary had taken the money and illegaly donated it to other Democratic candidates in order to do things that couldn’t legally be done with the money, it would be a different story. I’m guessing she donated it to her retirement and vacation account though!

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