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Silence Dogood, who has slightly deviated from his content request 😉 raised an interesting question that I have also heard from a few souls — some Republicans, it seems, would rather vote for a Democrat than for Ralph Reed. I curious about what the readership here things? If Cagle were to lose, would you vote for Ralph or a Dem or not vote in that race? In the same way, if Ralph were to lose, would you vote for Cagle or a Dem or not vote in that race?


  1. rickday says:

    I have a sytem. Been doing it since 1974. Simple.

    Seen no reason to change it. In order of preference:

    any 3rd party candidate. If not on ballot then for

    any Democrat not the incumbent. If new office, then I go for the oh-so slightly less evil Democrats.

    if non partisan, then against any incumbent.

    Goofy? Maybe. But it is the only pattern I can live with, at the end of the day, being somewhat upset with the entire 2 party non-democracy we endure.

  2. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    I think its a mute point. I am willing to wager that Ralph wont make it to qualifying. But its a crushing blow to his Presidential aspirations…..guess he will never live at 1600 PA Ave.

    Casey seems to be getting traction now, keeping a grueling pace around the state, meeting the right people, doing it all the way it should be done. I think he will make a great Lite Gov and look forward to that happening.

  3. Tater Tate says:

    I will vote for either or the Republican nominee. Those unwilling to make that commitment don’t belong in the leadership of the party in any way–candidate, elected official, employed, agent, staffer, consultant–period.

  4. Tater Tate says:

    Proud to be a Republican Bill. Not all of our guys are perfect or hold to my view of all that that means, but 90+% of the time they are far better than the democrat alternative. I don’t think I am hitleresque for believing that. Even the imperfect Reed, so flawed in your eyes and less than the perfect specimen, is better than anything the dems can offer.

    Sorry if that makes me a Nazi in your eyes. I think it is your view that is crazy, not mine.

  5. larry smith says:

    I dunno, Tater, I think arguing that people should be fired for expressing an opinion different than yours — while certainly a far cry from Hitler — is more than a little bit disturbing. Glad you aren’t in a position to actually enforce that little notion.

  6. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Here’s an interesting one – I’d go for Cagle or Reed over Jim Martin, but I’ll go for Cathy Cox over Sonny Perdue (but not Taylor over Perdue – in that situation I’ll just not vote) – it’ll be the first Dem. I’ve ever voted for.

  7. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I’ll never vote for a Democrat again. Done it once and embarrassed myself…. My thinking is that come election time Cagle is going to be in high gear. He’s busting his butt. A few months ago I would have said he had no chance. Now, he’s in the drivers seat. I have no ill will toward Ralph, just seriously disappointed him.

    At this point 9 of 10 people couldn’t tell you who is running for what.

  8. Erick says:

    I agree with Tater on this. Neither party should have leadership or staff willing to bolt the party. It is fine if the run of the mill voter wants to, but leadership and staff should not.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    I’m not “leadership” and I’m not “staff.” and, I don’t know anyone of the “leadership” or “staff” who is talking about “bolting.”

    So, as Johnnie Cochran would say (when he was alive) the point is moot!

  10. landman says:

    Ive never voted for a Democrat and dont plan on voting for one.

    Does it not say alot about RR’s candidancy that this type of discussion even comes up?

    The Dems will have a record year of fundraising if RR makes it to the General.This will hurt us statewide and its time some of you realize we are dealing with a “Poison Pill” here.

  11. Tater Tate says:

    No landman, it probably says alot about us–Republicans in Georgia. We are in trouble, but it is not because of any one candidate. The seeds of our destruction are within ourselves, as is clearly visable on this blog.

  12. larry smith says:

    Let’s be realistic here, Tater … what’s posted on this blog by a couple dozen political junkies has virtually nothing to do with the success or failure of the GOP in GA or anywhere else. Let’s not get carried away our own importance here.

  13. Tater Tate says:

    Actually, I agree with you on that completely Larry. But some of what is revealed here I have seen acted out in Republican life in this state. I and many others have worked too long for our victories to see us snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in this next election. We can win without joining in the destructive work of the liberal media by seeking to destroy our own icons.

    But you are right. Perspective suggests the insignificance of anything said here.

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