Ellis Endorses Perdue

Thanks to Romegaguy in the comments for pointing out that C. Jack Ellis, the embattled Mayor of Macon, has endorsed Sonny Perdue for Governor. It will have, no doubt, as much an impact on Perdue as McKinney’s endorsement will on Taylor, which is to say very little. But, nonetheless, I really am caught off guard by this surprising move on the mayor’s part.


  1. landman says:

    Erck,I hear Macon is going to be the place to watch during the primary race for Graves seat.Is Stebbon the guy to beat,or will Alan pull it off.What about Graves is he really going to stay in the race?I understand Bectel is going to pull out and be Alan’s campaign Mgr.Fill us in on what you think.

  2. Erick says:

    I think Stebin probably is the front runner in that race right now. David, I hear is not going to run again. Gary is not running. In the interests of full disclosure, my good friend Becky Burgess asked me to volunteer on her race for that seat. I told her I would do what I could. She and Stebin and I were all in law school together. I don’t know that Alan Peake will do too much. He is seen by some as a proxy for Susan Cable and Gary Bechtel — all three of whom go to First Prebyterian in Macon. That means he’ll get some solid old school fundraising, as will Stebin and Becky, but I don’t know how far he can go on that.

    Dale Washburn is also in that race. It should be interesting. FWIW, Stebin is currently elected and Dale had some local elected experience years ago. Those are the only two with elected experience, but they and Burgess know their way in and around government well. I don’t know anything about Alan and only a little about Dale.

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