MoveOn and Jack

Apparently has been running ads in Georgia’s 1st Congressional District against the war in Iraq. Kingston’s staff is circulating this:

Amount of cash spent to hire actors for the commercial:$20,000

Amount of cash spent to purchase the b-roll film of UK soldiers which they called US soldiers: 5,000 pounds
(see here:

Amount allegedly spent in Georgia’s first district on a media buy:
$480,000 (see here:

And the results…

ZERO calls, emails, or letters resulting from the ad: PRICELESS


  1. rickday says:

    I would think conservatives would encourage MoveOn to spend spend spend…that leaves less money for Hilly in 08.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    Just because they don’t contact him doesn’t mean people in his district aren’t opposed to the war… I’d be careful about bragging about the lack of people complaining about the war — his arrogance may backfire…

  3. Add lying to arrogance. There is 0% chance that he hasn’t received any calls pro or con regarding ads with a buy that large. Clearly if he directed his staff to put together a snarky press release, they are getting through to someone (even if that someone is Kingston himself).

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