Cox Revisited

Having thought some more about this post, I’m having second thoughts on my earlier conclusions.

Here’s where I’m at. If Cox makes it through the primary, and I’m of the opinion that she’s the front runner (but I grow less sure of this every day), she’ll have a great contrast to use against Sonny — good old boy versus Cathy Cox. If Taylor gets through the primary, it just becomes largish white man with little hair vs. slightly larger-ish white man with hair. Voters will need more of an excuse to dump the incumbent.

But, I just don’t know that this will get Cathy Cox extremely far in the primary. Sure, more women vote in the Democratic primary than men, but Taylor has a long list of things he has delivered or tried to deliver. Cox does too, but in a less visible position.

This thinking is still a work in progress. Feel free to chime in.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    I’ve long thought Cox would have trouble beating Taylor, mainly because I think Taylor is a heck of a campaigner and a very smart politician. Of course I could be wrong, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  2. MetroGOP says:

    Mark Taylor has always been the comeback kid even when he was a State Senator from Albany. Don’t count him out until the votes have been counted on primary night.

  3. I may be completely wrong on this, but do you think she’ll really be able to use the “Good Ol’ Boy vs. Cathy” contrast? If memory serves me correctly, her dad preceeded her as a State Rep. It could probably be argued that she’s essentially a female member of the good ol’ boy network. I see the guy vs. girl thing, but in terms of past political involvement and connections, there doesn’t appear to be that much difference.

    Also in terms of visibility, I think for the past couple of years she may have been more visibly than “The Big Guy” with the election reforms and the commercials regarding investment schemes (or something like that). I don’t think your average voter pays much attention to the initiatives of the LG, but they see Cathy on the news talking about voting machines and in commercials talking about investment scams.

    To me personally, she is just so much more likable than Taylor, and that counts for a lot in elections. Taylor will have to rely on relationships built from years of campaigning. He’ll need the preachers and Democratic power brokers to really work hard for him if he is to prevail.

    Again, I may be completely wrong about all of that – feel free to rip me to shreds.

  4. Melb says:

    As a Democrat I think Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox are both personable and easy to like and I don’t see how anyone whose nickname is ‘The Big Guy’ could come off seeming unpersonable. I think Cox is nice, but to me, she doesn’t have the experience that Mark Taylor has and even though she has high polling numbers now, I think once Mark puts his name out there and people compare the two, they will go for Mark. I think it is Cathy that is going to have to work harder to beat Mark in the primary because it will be the more involved and dedicated Democrats who have seen Mark’s dedication voting then, instead of the general populous who like Cathy because of fraud commercials.

  5. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Imagine a hard fought, nasty Democratic primary. Not something we have seen much of in Georgia. I am laying in a supply of popcorn, diet coke and a good seat on the sidelines to watch.

  6. Erick says:

    UGA Wins, I think it is going to get a lot uglier before it gets pretty. Everyone has been looking at Ralph v. Casey. They ain’t seen nothing yet. Taylor and Cox are both playing to win.

  7. Decaturguy says:

    I don’t think that Cathy and Mark will get as ugly as Reed and Cagle. I’m of the mind that the competition between Cathy and Mark will be a healthy competition for the Democratic Party and the eventual winner will end up being a stronger candidate against Perdue (Cox particularly needs better speech and debate skills). I don’t think that anyone can say that the race between Reed and Cagle has been “healthy competition.”

  8. GAWire says:

    Healthy competition or not – the Cox and Taylor battle is not going to do anything to be able to defeat Perdue. That’s not just me spouting GOP taunts – they just aren’t going to have enough to beat an incumbent from the Majority Party, and still has the majority of voter support in the state, regardless of what some over-analyzing flaggers might think.

  9. Melb says:

    Regardless of the flaggers and the teachers, people are not excited about Perdue the general trend is people don’t like him, unless you are extremely into state politics and partisan, but the average Republican is not going to buckle down and vote for him. I would be a little less confident if I were you.

  10. Ben King says:

    I think that if a high profile Dem primary ends up with someone looking like a leader with a plan, they could have a lot of momentum against someone that people are just not that excited about.

  11. Tater Tate says:

    I know this will sound crazy, but Mark Taylor is more moderate than Cox. At least he is someone who will work with you to get things done. After Taylor ties her to the Atlanta gays–and he’ll do it in a smart way where you don’t even know publically it is him–he’ll come off looking like the pope compared to the Atlanta loving gay endorsed woman of questionable repute. Count on it. I don’t think you can count Taylor out in that primary, or take too much for granted if he is their nominee. I still think Perdue has the edge over either, but he’s got a lot of work to do. I know it goes against current conventional wisdom, but I think Taylor is their better chance.

  12. “Regardless of the flaggers and the teachers, people are not excited about Perdue the general trend is people don’t like him, unless you are extremely into state politics and partisan, but the average Republican is not going to buckle down and vote for him. I would be a little less confident if I were you.”


    I think you have it inversed…Most people do like Sonny, unless you are extremely into state politics and partisan, then you feel like you have been ignored or looked down upon by his staff. The average Republican has him polling better than ever at above 55% and pulling moderates everyday…You have to remember that Sonnys strong point is his personality, if you meet him you like him–because he is a generally nice guy.

  13. Elliott says:

    Mark “cry me a river” Taylor as someone easy to get along with? Please. Remember who he made that remark to on the floor of the Senate, no less? Sonny Perdue after he switched parties in 1998. He also announced that Cynthia McKinney was a supporter at his press conference recently. Is there crazier left-wing person in Georgia???

    I think voters will see him as the partisan hack that he’s always been. He’s been an elected official for almost 20 years now. There’s no way that his campaign can paint him as a reformer when hes been working the system for so long.

    I think Georgians are ready to see someone besides a rich white male in office. Cathy’s campaign seems to have a lot of grassroots support from around the state judging from the number of republicans that seem to be going to her events/fundraisers. Should be an interesting one to watch…

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