Bird Flu

I’m one of those who thinks the Bird Flu is being overly hyped by the media. While it is a threat, I have not seen a bunch of real evidence that bird to human transmission is a very real danger unless you are french kissing roosters. Nonetheless, given the poultry industry in Georgia, we need to take this seriously.

The government should focus less on stockpiling human medicines against a potential bird flu pandemic and more on preventing the virus’s spread among animals, a poultry industry executive said.

Paging State Representatives: My neighbor has a chicken coop and a freaking rooster. It wakes us up *before the sun comes up.* That ain’t cool when we’re up at night with the baby. I’m willing to ride this avian flu train all the way and support your banning chicken coops inside city limits.

I mean, raising chickens in the country is one thing. In the freaking city?!!!?!? We need a law.



  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Living next door to a rooster is unpleasant, especially when you have a new baby. But don’t you have zoning laws in Macon? I mean, what would keep you from raising foxes until this problem was solved?

    Seriously, though, you are right about Bird Flu being overhyped. But I don’t think you need it as an excuse to rid yourself of your neighbor’s rooster.

  2. GAWire says:

    The hype over the bird flu is mostly perception and media-caused panic. The media is trying to make it a much bigger deal than it is. Not to say it isn’t important and it does need to be addressed, but the economy deals with things like this.

    Also, Erick – I recommend you invest in some sort of bird-eliminating weapon, i.e. BB Gun, .22, or just some good ole’ fashion detergent in the bird food. That would piss me off if my neighbor’s rooster was waking me up every morning … unless you live on a farm or something – then, that would be kind of normal I guess.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, part of the “media hype” was caused by Bush himself and FOX News themselves.

    While there was no crisis going on, Bush snuck-in with a proposal to devote $7.1 billion to bird-flu emergency preparedness. And, Sean Hannity climbed right onboard with screaming about “bird flu” on several shows. Bird flu became the Topic-du-jor on Sean’s show after that.

    Anything to divert people away from Bush’s appointments of thoroughly unqualified people to offices like FEMA is the order of the day at Bush Central.

  4. GAWire says:

    C’mon, Bill. Bush putting money towards addressing a problem is not the hype. If he didn’t do anything, then he would be getting the blame, and people would be protesting that he caused this “crisis” (in which case, the public would make this a crisis if Bush didn’t do anything) and that the Admin is killing people. You are just looking for something that isn’t there. Contrary to what you think, everything the WH does at this point is not in reaction to SCOTUS nominees or whatever. Life (and gov’t) goes on …

    I will agree that FNC and Hannity are a part of the hype, although, Hannity often does things like that in my opinion. I like Hannity and agree with him on a lot of things, but he, like any other radio/tv person is looking FOR things to hype. Can’t blame him, I guess – just have to be able to look past it.

  5. Booray says:

    After watching a number of things on the bird flu, I think this is a real issue.

    If/when it mutates for human transmission, we are facing a really big problem, at least in the 3rd world. Probably here too.

    Look how fast the cold has gone around. Imagine if it was just as contagious but a 1000 times more deadly.

    I remember Rush saying “there’s no way a hurricane could really hurt New Orleans that badly – these are scare tactics.” I fear the bird flu may be the same way.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Looking for something that isn’t there? Hardly. I’m looking at something that looks suspiciously a lot like Bush engaged in the “tail-wagging-the-dog” mode.

  7. Erick says:

    My God Bill! Who cares about Bush when I’ve got a freaking rooster next door! Seize all the birds. Kill them all, preferably in hot peanut oil after soaking them in buttermilk and flour.

    I’m hungry now.

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