Sandy Springs Mayor and Council

An article in today’s AJC discusses the new leadership in Sandy Springs including background and priorities of the newly elected mayor and Council.

Most of the councilmembers (and those involved in runoffs) seem to have similar goals for the newly incorporated city – zoning and preservation of neighborhoods, smooth transition to cityhood, redevelopment of Roswell Road, and coordination of traffic lights.

As a new resident of the area, I am certainly hopeful that these individuals are able to achieve these goals. Roswell Road is a nightmare and other parts of the new city also suffer from nearly unbearable congestion. Mayor Galambos has worked tirelessly for many years to see this area incorporated. She was a great activist and champion for the area, but it will be interesting to see how she fares in the world of municipal politics.


  1. Ben King says:

    from the Gov’s transportation plan:

    $116 million for traffic signal upgrades , including synchronization

    There is more to it, including expanding ramp metering, trying to clear accidents quicker, and long term adding HOV lanes. But in terms of what he proposed to do immediately to fix traffic – traffic lights.

    (I will fully admit to partisan cherry picking on this post.)

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