Key Endorsements for Taylor

Tomorrow, Mark Taylor will announce the endorsements of Hank Aaron and Andrew Young. Those endorsements will help Taylor secure the all powerful black vote — something he and Cathy Cox are fighting for. I think whoever Franklin endorses is going to come out on tops. I had heard a while back that Franklin was leaning towards Cox, despite some personal differences. However, sources close to Franklin tell me she is neutral or leaning toward Taylor, which would be a coup for him.


  1. billy says:

    From a clearly objective perspective (ok, not really):
    Niether Hank Aaron nor Andrew Young can secure “the all powerful black vote.” As political culture has progressed within the Black Community, it has grown a lot more independent and less likely to listen to one person, minister, or whomever when deciding how to vote. However, clearly Cox and Taylor are fighting for the best marquee names in the Black Community, cause, well, that’s just what you do. In the end, I’m not sure what difference it makes with voters.
    Also, I can’t imagine Shirley Franklin getting into this race. She has come out of a city election smelling like roses, threw her support behind the right people who were just marginal enough that she could make a difference. Why play with fire again? Why not just sit it out when no one will blame you if you do? Why run the risk of antagonizing the next possible gov. (or the current one, for that matter – remember, Mayor Franklin actually has a working relationship with state Republicans)? It just doesn’t make any sense for her to say anything.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    I tend to agree that Franklin will stay out of it unless it looks pretty clear towards the end that Cox will win.

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