GRTA moves into Gwinnett

Beginning late 2006, GRTA operated commuter buses will run along U.S. 78 from Snellville to Atlanta. The Gwinnett bus system’s express bus that runs along I-85 has been quite popular so it is expected this route along 78 will be as well.

This fits in with Jason’s post on Monday but will GRTA have to take over MARTA for it to become a regional transportation system? Gwinnett long ago voted down MARTA, but now we’re letting public transportation in, run by people outside of Gwinnett, and nobody is upset (maybe because it’s not named MARTA).

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  1. Harry says:

    To me it’s all about avoiding the $22/hr+benefit package and work rules that the transit worker union has been able to negotiate for MARTA employees, together with the periodic strike threat. The GRTA services are contracted to private companies which in Cobb and Gwinnett are themselves unionized – but somehow the wage scale is down around $10-15. In the business of quasi-governmental unions, smaller is better.

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