Benedict to Challenge Freeman

Lauren Benedict, a friend and former co-worker at my old law firm (she’s now with Boston Passante, which is listed as host on Cathy Cox’s Macon fundraiser), has decided to challenge Allen Freeman, a friend and whose race I managed in 2004. The district is a swing district and Allen won it by less than 100 votes last time against Democrat backed Joan Dixon.

I hear that Lauren will have some competition from Twiggs County and, with her Cox campaign support, I wonder if a Taylor supporter will make a move.

That puts the district in a potential situation where two people from Bibb County are running in a district that only covers part of Bibb and Jones and all of Wilkinson and Twiggs Counties. Allen is a native from South Bibb County and Lauren moved to an apartment down there in October to satisfy the one year requirement (people elected to the General Assembly must live in a district for one year prior to their election).

This should make for a fun race.


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Isnt “progressive” a euphemism for Liberal? I know liberals hate to call themselves that, liking “moderate” or “progressive” a lot better. I have to agree with them, I wouldnt want to be called Liberal either.

  2. Ben King says:

    you man like “conservative” is a euphemism for “radical right-wing”?

    You know, the term “progressive” was not actually mentioned in post. what exactly is the point of your comment?

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