Wooing Ford

The AJC is reporting that Georgia officials are doing everything they can to woo Ford Motor Company. The state wants to give Ford incentives to expand the Hapeville plant by the Atlanta Airport. This has no doubt taken on some more urgency now that DiamlerChrysler has announced it is going to be building cars in South Carolina — a project both the former and current governor have tried to attract to Georgia. And let’s not forget the closing of the GM plant. Georgia probably does need Ford to stick around.

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  1. There was some very interesting stuff in the AJC article about the negotiations between Ford and the State of Georgia. In one part of the article, we see this line:

    “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution this summer asked the state to release documents related to negotiations between Georgia and local automakers.”

    Then, just a few lines down, we have Ford’s attorney saying they may scrap the deal to keep the plant open if the negotiations are made public:

    “Beerman also warned that Ford may scrap the deal and close its Hapeville plant if the documents are released.”


    “But Ford “may decide it has better options” in other states if its plans are known to the general public, he said.”

    Why does the AJC continue to request these documents if they know that disclosure might cause the plant to shut down?? That seems like very irresponsible journalism to me.

    I know, I know, you’ll say that the Ford attorney is bluffing, but what if he’s not. Is there such a great desire to know the details of this plan that we should risk losing 2,000 jobs over it? I trust the state not to cut a deal with Ford that will have a negative impact on the state’s financial well-being.

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