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Since Bill was wondering where Silence went, here I am. It’s the holidays, give me a break. For the record, I have no relationship with Linda Hamrick or Cecil Staton, though I admire Senator Staton and his work. Linda Hamrick…no relationship there either.

And since you wanted to hear from me, Bill, and since things have seemed to be kind of stale, I’m going to quote Karla Stuckey, one of our contributors, and post this:

Can we do a poll about who we believe will benefit should Cagle win, or should Reed win next November?

If Cagle should win, I believe the new Prsident Pro Tem of the Senate will be Senator David Shafer. He will have to get a big payback for his loyal support of Cagle, plus his long time dream of defeating Reed and taking over the party will take a big step toward reality. Senator Mullis would no doubt become Majority Leader. I suspect the new chairman of rules might be Senator Seabaugh and the new chair of appropriations might be Senator Tolleson or perhaps Preston Smith.

If Reed wins, the current leadership, who have remained silent or refrained from endorsing Cagle, will stay the same and perhaps the two lowly Senators who have dared to support Reed will advance.

Anyone have other scenarios to put forward? How will this race impact the House?

One ammendment:

Bill Simon gets legitimized with a Cagle win and becomes the new LG’s press secretary!

Please note that I do not endorse these comments, nor do I necessarily agree with them. I just think it’s funny to watch Bill, landman, GaWire, and Bull Moose go apewire. Have at it, fellas.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Silence, “Karla Stuckey” is just another anonymous poster such as yourself…in fact, I’m willing to guess that Karla is just the estrogen side of your own persona. 🙂

  2. GAWire says:

    I don’t understand what I am supposed to go apewire over …

    Karla’s poll recommendation sure does cover a lot of topics. Here is a nutshell analysis: If Cagle wins, the GA GOP continues to grow and build support so that we can keep a majority for years to come. If Reed wins, this Party will start to decline at an alarming rate, and will be the laughing stock of GOP politics throughout the nation.

  3. larry smith says:

    What Reed might do as LG is total speculation, because he will never be LG. While it is a possibility he might win the primary, it is a certainty he will lose the general election by a significant margin. Every credible independent poll of general election voters released so far shows him upside down — his unfavs outweigh his favs. To put this in perspective, Roy Barnes had better general numbers before Sonny clocked him.

    Bottom line, Ralph can’t win, but he can help hand the office to a Dem and damage other Republicans on the ballot … hence Bobby Kahn’s glee at having him in the race.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    I don’t think that Cagle makes a big shake up in the Senate Leadership. Eric Johnson has remained neutral but has gone out of his way time to indicate where his support lies. It is unfair to suggest that Eric is not being supportive or anything of that nature.

    The rising tide of Casey’s win will benefit all of Georgia. Casey’s support stretches in every corner and I think all of the Georgian’s, both elected and unelected, will stand to benefit from his victory.

    Now as for Reed, if Reed somehow wins the primary, I think he destroys the Republican party on the way to losing the general election. All of those who supported Reed and who helped contribute to the demise of the Governor and all the down ballot races will and should be banished from the party forever.

    Reed is toxic and his association and involvement with the growing corruption scandal in DC with Abramoff will be nuclear by the time the summer rolls around. Those who jeopardize their integrity and reputation to support Ralph Reed will get what they deserve… NOTHING!

  5. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I’m not sure who, between Reed or Cagle, will win, but if the leadership team should become Shafer, Mullis and Seabaugh …ugh – then we’ve got problems! Ross Tolleson and Preston Smith – those are two great choices (for prime Committee chairs), along with the current guys – Johnson and Williams. Just b/c CC might win LG doesn’t mean there has to be a complete leadership change.

    I’m not saying that I buy into the fact that this scenario is going to actually happen…I think should CC win, the leadership team could stay in tact as it is – which would actually be a good thing I believe, b/c then both factions of the Senate GOP are represented in the leadership.

  6. DoubleDawg3 says:

    One final thing…should CC win and the Johnson-Williams leadership team stay in place (with some power restored to CC as LG) – I would like to see how those Committee on Assignments meetings go.

  7. Tater Tate says:

    Lordy, lordy. . . I knew Mullis and Shafer were pushing Cagle and Shafer for obvious reasons, but I did not know that Seabaugh was with Cagle. Is that confirmed? I also had heard that Smith was with Reed, at least early on. Has he gone over to Cagle? Tolleson is a great guy and loved down here plenty, but I don’t see him as chair of appropriations. He is chair of the right committee. Hill is great there for either camp.

    My sources tell me there is a divide in the Senate and I do not think it too far fetched to think there could be a shake-up if Cagle wins, especially when I remember the Cagle (Shafer backed) attempt for majority leader against Stephens. Those feelings still run deep I am told by my senator. But the change Karla suggests would be negative in my view.

    And I and still surprised at how Bull M seems to always suggest that Johnson is firmly with Cagle. I thought he had made it clear that he was not out in this race, or quietly was probably with Reed for the reason stated above.

    In any case, it will be interesting to watch.There almost seems to be a south GA/north GA divide when you think about it. The exception there is Balfour who I assume is loyal to Johnson and Williams. The house members I talk to around here seem to want to stay far away from this race.

    Wonder what Karla’s vision stems from? Where does she get her special insight???? Some of it sounds possible, but then I don’t think we’ll ever know because I still believe Reed wins, though I admit the margin is getting tighter.

  8. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Slow news day so we have to annihilate each other with useless rhetoric.

    Why is it that some of these folks detest David Shafer? I thought he was the anti-Christ after his race with Reed for chairmanship, until I ran into him at the Capitol several times. He hadn’t a clue who I was but was genuinely considerate and nice guy. I’ve run into him at various events and that is the consistent opinion I have of him. I can’t say the same for other legislators. Many are so full of themselves it makes me nauseous.

    Tater, many of us who had determined to stay away from this race have decided to voice our opinions. The evidence from the Senate oversight committee, the documentation from (I spoke with Jim Metlock and he stands behind every comment) and seeing the manipulation he can conger up (his attempt to go after Senator Shelby), in my opinion Ralph is not only damaged goods, he has enough lead to sink a ship.

    Cagle has put forth a pro-active positive agenda. His character is impeccable, he’s a genuinely good person and an admirable businessman. In other words, he done good. Given the choice, I’ll take the latter any day. And, if in your opinion I’m part of the dregs from Middle Georgia, so be it.

  9. Tater Tate says:

    GAWIRE says . . .

    “If Reed wins, this Party will start to decline at an alarming rate”

    Is that sort of like it did when he was chairman of the GA GOP?

  10. Stafferusga says:

    A Washington view . . .

    We enjoy this blog as a way to keep up with what’s happening in Georgia.

    I believe your delegation is still betting on Reed. Of course Linder is with Cagle, but then he nominated Shafer when he ran for convention chair. There is concern, but Reed’s financial and grassroots strengths are still quite significant.

    McCain is out to get Reed if he can, but there is nothing much there in the end I am told beyond perhaps some questionable associations that made Reed’s firm some good money. As a third party supplier of services apparently there is nothing illegal in what was done.

    As to the future of the General Assembly after the ’06 election, I can tell you there is more concern about the Governor. Look for Westmoreland to be the chosen one to return and either pick up the pieces or move things forward for 2010.

    Otherwise there is some concern about chaos in the Senate if Cagle should win. There is loyalty to Eric Johnson, but uneasiness about Sen Shafer’s potential role in a Cagle run Senate. He is perceived as friendly with Senate Democrats. With their caucus behind him he would only need a handful of Republicans to become President Pro Tempore.

    And then redistricting is just around the corner, so no one wants to see the Democrats back in control–an unlikely prospect.

  11. Bull Moose says:

    Johnson is neutral — but leaning toward Cagle.

    When Reed was GOP Chairman, he was not part of a federal investigation surrounding corruption of Congress…

  12. Bull Moose says:

    I think stafferusga is not quite right on his facts… Ralph is more than just a “third party vendor” as it relates to the Indian casino issue… He helped develop the plan as to how and where to route the money… The emails clearly illustrate that… In addition, Ralph has repeatedly mislead the public about his role in the ongoing scandal. His story changes everytime there is new information released…

    As for our Congressional Delegation, Westmoreland is the only one that deserves to be able to come back and run for Governor. The rest of them have been in DC TOO long — with exceptions to our two US Senators! As well, some of them have set by and done nothing as Congress under Republicans have sputtered to being worse than the Democrat Majority they replaced in 1994. Just because you aren’t part of the problem doesn’t mean you’re a part of the solution… It’s time for Georgia to have FRESH COMMON SENSE representation in DC — not people who are sold out to Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, and others… I’m a dieshard Republican and I would fight as hard as anyone for our principles, but standing by and condoning the behavior of House Republicans doesn’t cut it…

    And finally, it is laughable to suggest that Sen. David Shafer is in bed with Democrats…

    Come on that’s just laughable…

  13. Jack S says:

    I just saw this cell phone commercial on TV where they are making fun of the competition with a bunch of weird kids all trying to be cool. They called them “Poser Mobile

  14. Tater Tate says:

    I don’t always agree with Silence, but I believe it is Carla’s post we are really responding to Jack. Silence just brought it to the front page and threw some hog grease on the fire. I feel about like Erick does. Enough already.

    But I can’t resist.

    Bull, how do you know that Johnson is “leaning toward” Cagle. Has he made a statement that I am unaware of. Can you point me to it. I know he is in a difficult position, but attending a Cagle event is not an indication of leaning any more than his attending a Reed event. That’s just good politics. If Johnson endorses Cagle that will be a big move.

    I doubt that Sen. Shafer is “in bed with” the democrats, but I think he is known as someone who will work with them on occasion as he did on behalf of trial lawyers during the tort reform battle last session. He was on the chamber call lists that I get. There is nothing wrong with reaching across to the other side when necessary, but I am concerned by the suggestion that the dems might support him for pro tem. With their 22 votes he would only need 7 Caglelites to pull off a coup. Scary thought, but a Cagle win might make that a real concern.

    Any dems care to speculate?

    Back to the cows.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    I think “staffer” should go back to being a “staffer” since he don’t know jack sh** about the intra-party politics in Georgia.

    My guess is he’s some lower-rung congressional aide who gets fed stuff from someone at just one rung-level above him/her.

    Shafer may be many things, but in bed with the Democrats he is not.

  16. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Cagle’s visit to Macon was a huge success. 30 or more people stopped in at the Joshua Cup coffee shop to visit. Among attendees were State Senator Johnny Grant (a jewel of a human being), Bibb County Commission Chairman Charles Bishop (he’ not endorsing anyone), Monroe County Commission Chairman Harold Carlisle, State House candidate Dale Washburn (I don’t believe he is endorsing anyone either), District 3 Chairman Don Layfield (I don’t know that he’s endorsed anyone) several from the local Christian Coalition, and many from North and South Bibb County. WMAZ and Fox 24 covered the event. It was a nice gathering at a good location. Joshua Cup is a pro-active organization that uses their profits to minister to inner city kids.

    What was not there was useless and divisive rhetoric. At the end of this race, we’re still family and have a broader mission, smaller effective and efficient government.

  17. Kettering Howell says:


    Where were Ben Hinson, Bob Hatcher, Celeste Queene, Tripp Self, Debra Lyons, and Judy Goddard? We all know who’s going to deliver the vote in Middle Georgia…


  18. Kettering Howell says:

    What I also heard was that Randy Savage’s questions had nothing to do with Casey Cagle, and everything to do with Republican reaction to President Bush’s speech yesterday morning. Speaking of which, it’s a foregone conclusion who is going to win this LG race, so why don’t we stop talking about the losing candidate and move on to something productive, like supporting our president.

  19. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Why don’t we all just hid behind alias’s so that we can be juvenile.

    Randall did ask several if they had heard the President’s speech. I was talking to Senator Grant when Savage was interviewing Cagle. I have no clue what the interview questions were and once the event was over I went back to work. Didn’t watch to news to see what was or wasn’t covered. I simply posted what happened.

    I had supported Reed in the past. He is a tremendous organizor and did a good job as chairman. What concerns me, is that Ralph seems to have integrity issues. I spoke with Jim Metrock from Alabama a couple of weeks ago. I asked him if he stood by the criticisms of Reed posted on his website He affirmed his criticism and told me an interesting story.

    When Ralph contracted with Channel One, a controversial program in public schools, much of the advertising was steamy R rated movies and promoting junk stuff. Metrock’s organization opposes this program, doesn’t feel it is condusive to good education.

    Members of the organization expressed their criticism of Channel One. Senator Richard Shelby (R) was going to conduct an inquiry as to the nature of Channel One. He had no agenda other than to develop his own opinion on what the purpose was.

    Ralph created an “entity” hired a fellow from Mississippi and funneled funds throught the entity and bought radio advertising on Christian radio stations and sent mailers to Christian Coalition members. His message, Tell Senator Shelby to stop promoting drugs to students….. Shelby was livid. According to Metrock, Reed denied any involvement. Metrock said the mailers and the ads were the same pattern as Reed used in other campaigns. Once the organizational proof was exposed Reed acknowledged it was him. Setting up entities seems to be a pattern.

    Look, I don’t hate Ralph, or anyone for that matter. I simply believe that INTEGRITY IS BI PARTISAN. We have the ethics mess in DC and in government because people do not seem to have an ethical core. As Republican’s who have bannered the “Traditional Family Values” theme for more than a decade, we should expect more from our leadership.

    There is a political process we’ll see what happens in July. My concern is that are we going to have 4 years of ethics inquiries or 4 years of good legislation.

    I don’t know much about Cagle but he seems to be a straight up guy. His success in business and effectiveness as a legislator along with his strong traditional values is enough appeal for me to support him.

    In life the only thing we have absolute and complete control over is our Character. No one will ever agree on everything, but if our compass is right and we are honest, we’ll be ok.

  20. Eric T. says:

    This is speculation designed by “Silence” and alter ego “Karla” to stir up trouble. David Shafer, Jeff Mullis, Mitch Seabaugh and Preston Smith are being mentioned as leaders in a Cagle run Senate for two nefarious reasons. First, Silence wants to unsettle the current leaders. Second, he believes these four are bogeymen – Shafer for having had the audacity to run against Reed for party chairman, Mullis for his reputation as an intellectual lightweight, and Seabaugh and Smith for their creepy demeanors.

    Eric Johnson has already said that he favors restoring all power to a Republican Lt. Governor so I doubt that Shafer or any other ambitious senator would even want the President Pro Tem’s job. Tommie Williams is one of Cagle’s men so I do not see Cagle changing him in favor of Mullis.

    Silence underestimates Mullis and Shafer. Mullis is no intellectual giant but he knows his own limitations and is brilliant at turning his weaknesses into strengths. He is one of the best liked members of the Caucus and easily won the Vice Chairmanship when Tommie Williams moved up. Shafer may have been the “anti-Christ” to some when he ran against Reed back in 2001, but Reed is no longer the untarnished crown prince of American Christiandom. The Reed-Shafer contest looks different now, and Shafer is one of the best fundraisers in the Caucus with plenty of IOUs outstanding.

    Cagle has a very strong and broad team of supporters in the Senate, including Chip Pearson, a one time Reed stalwart who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republicans. Cagle will have a strong leadership team in place as Lieutenant Governor. I am sure it will include Cagle loyalists like Pearson, Shafer and Mullis, but the whole Caucus is backing Cagle and we should watch for a host of talented newcomers to rise with him, including Jeff Chapman, Chip Rogers, Johnny Grant and Jim Whitehead.

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