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Walker goes down.

A federal judge said Monday former state Sen. Charles W. Walker may have taken more than $400,000 from a charity event.

Walker appeared in U.S. District Court on Monday, surrounded by a half-dozen defense attorneys as lawyers argued about how much might have been taken from the CSRA Classic annual charity event.

Walker was convicted of 127 of 137 charges, including tax evasion, mail fraud and conspiracy in June.

When the Democrats in Georgia start beating up the Republicans on corruption issues — a nationwide strategy by the Democrats given to them by people like Duke Cunningham and Michael Scanlon — the Georgia Republicans will be able to return some fire using this.


  1. GAWire says:

    I know all stealing is bad, and I certainly will never excuse anything Abramoff did, but stealing from a charity … ouch!

    Convicted of 127 charges! Do you think he is in for some trouble, or what?

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I enjoyed watching Duke Cunningham, Bob Dornan and other congressmen on CSPAN giving special order speeches in the early ’90s’. I recall the conviction of rooting out the arrogance and indisgression of the political leadership at that time. I am really sorry to see he suscumbed to the lure of political payoffs.

    This should serve as a wake up call to all elected leaders that they are elected to do the work of the people and not merely for themselves. Unfortunately, I am not confident that this will.

  3. Somehow I think the elected leadership of practically the entire House of Representatives being either suspects or targets in corruption scandals will be worst than an out of power state Senator (who lost while he was Majority Leader).

    In other words, your current leadership has a cloud of corruption over them, while just one guy who isn’t in power anymore is going to jail. If past corruption is the ticket to electoral gain, then we’ll get just as much mileage out of Linda Shrencko as you’ll get out of Walker…which is none at all.

    Similarly, if there is a national throw the bums out mood directed at Republicans, do you really think your average Georgia voter (who probably can’t even name his state legislator) will differentiate between the corrupt national Republicans and the state Republicans? I think they’ll all just be Republicans one and the same to them.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    The corruptioin scandal threatens Dennis Hastert, Tom DeLay, Roy Blunt, Bob Ney, John Doolittle, and others including perhaps even Senator Harry Reid. Corruption is corruption, regardless if there is an R or a D after your name and it should be treated the same…

    Republicans ran in 1994 to end the corruption in DC… What are we to run on now? Sweeping it under the rug? Making light of it?

    There are some Georgia Congressmen out there now (yes Republicans) who think this is a waste of time… I guess the laws that they write and pass don’t apply to them?

    This is a prime example of the arrogance that can develop when we have unchecked Congressional Districts… In a competitive district with spirited opposition, these types of corruption and arrogance and abuse of power would NEVER be tollerated…

    Send a message in November and send them all packing!

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