1. Chris says:

    The choices are Cox, Taylor and Undecided, however the question is “Who will be the nominee”. I would think the choices would be Cox, Taylor and Don’t Know.

  2. Karla Stuckey says:

    Can we do a poll about who we believe will benefit should Cagle win, or should Reed win next November?

    If Cagle should win, I believe the new Prsident Pro Tem of the Senate will be Senator David Shafer. He will have to get a big payback for his loyal support of Cagle, plus his long time dream of defeating Reed and taking over the party will take a big step toward reality. Senator Mullis would no doubt become Majority Leader. I suspect the new chairman of rules might be Senator Seabaugh and the new chair of appropriations might be Senator Tolleson or perhaps Preston Smith.

    If Reed wins, the current leadership, who have remained silent or refrained from endorsing Cagle, will stay the same and perhaps the two lowly Senators who have dared to support Reed will advance.

    Anyone have other scenarios to put forward? How will this race impact the House?

  3. Karla Stuckey says:

    One ammendment:

    Bill Simon gets legitimized with a Cagle win and becomes the new LG’s press secretary!

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