In God We Trust

My wife made a good point the other day — other states have “In God We Trust” license plates. Georgia seems to have every place imaginable, but not that. I’m leaning toward getting a “Support Georgia’s Troops” plate, but wouldn’t mind “In God We Trust.”

Some of you legislators who read this site should get cracking.


  1. GAWire says:

    I am going to lobby to get the lyrics from Atlanta’s new song on the plates. That way, when I am driving thru other states, people can see my license plate and want to come visit. Right, Shirley?

  2. Ben King says:

    GA Wire, I know you are joking, but it doesn’t strike me as a bad idea to have plates with the ATL slogan and/or logo. Again, I’m not super excited about the slogan, but I’d be down with plates with it. Left side the red “ATL” logo, “Every day is an opening day” in red across the bottom where the county name would be. Maybe even red plate numbers.

    Regardless of what some of y’all may feel or say about the city, those of us who grew up in the city are very proud to be from Atlanta, and are very proud of our city. I’d get ATL plates, and I think a lot people would excited about doing their little part in helping ‘brand’ Atlanta, or even just express their pride in being part of Atlanta. Maybe not, and I’m just a giant dork.

    I’m trying to think of where the money from the plates would go. Does it have to be a charitable organization, or is that just the politically safe move? BTW, where would the money from an “In God We Trust” plate go? Would it be legal to go to a religious organization, considering Sonny’s CA failed?

  3. GAWire says:

    Ben, I have great pride in this city too, growing up and having spent my whole life here. That is why it dissappoints me so much to see an awesome city with so much beauty, heritage and tradition that means a lot to me personally to be given such superficial and rediculous slogans, songs, etc and to see what the mentality to most folks in the city is. When others outside of GA and Atlanta hear that song, that is the first time ever that I have been embarrased of our city. I am starting to think that we can no longer make fun of Alabama …

  4. Ben King says:

    OKay, I don’t like the song either, but its not as bad as you make it seem. It doesn’t make me embarrassed, geez. And there are way bigger things that should have embarrassed you about Atlanta long before that song came around. Not including things that actually matter, like Atlanta’s racial history, a lot more people saw Izzy, or Whatzit, or Whatizit, whatever that thing was called. It was way more embarrassing than this song.

    Listen, I really don’t mean this in a mean way. But if songs and slogans cause you to have that visceral of a feeling of loathing towards the people who run Atlanta, maybe you are just _looking_ for stuff to be pissed about. Life’s too short to waste it getting all worked up over a song that no one will hear anyway.

  5. GAWire says:

    What makes me have that “visceral of a felling of loathing towards” (most) of the people who run Atlanta is the fact they are liberal Dems that wouldn’t know effective policy or gov’t management if it walked up to city hall and knocked on the door. The song is just another easy reason to prove my point why they suck!

    I agree about the Whatizit thing – that sucked, but you know what sucked worse than the actual character? … all the folks from around the country and globe that were making fun of Atlanta for it.

    As far as Atlanta’s racial history goes – that is a key part of our heritage and it goes a long way to show how Atlanta was rebuilt from ruins, both physically and socially, to become a great city. That is a different subject for a different day, though.

  6. rickday says:

    I have stared at this screen for three minutes, trying, for the life of me, to answer this one question:


    This issue is a waste of breath and typing.

    Of all the graven images with the ‘God Above All Gods’ English- language-condensed-three-letter-name, why would one want to waste legislative time creating yet one MORE graven image? Oh right: it sucks up to those rich Christers. Gives them one more way to wear their religion on their shoulder/bumper. Nice sound byte. Patooey, phony!

    Isn’t there enough graven images running around with the “The Supreme Architect who No Man can Fathom’s” G-monikor on it? The more the sane-majority see “jesus and god” in conjunction with government, the more they turn my back on the entire Lot (pun intended). In short, you do your God a disservice.

    Are Christians really so insecure that they require constant reminders of what they ‘trust’? Who is the IGWT tag legislation really for, and gee, do they really require yet another way to publicly affirm their majority status?

    Guess what: there are people out there that see the word “god” in public every day, and in spite of the fervent hope of many that by merely seeing meaningless words on a damn car tag, that they will magically ‘be christian’, they turn away from Christianity. Why?

    1. It is a reminder of the cowardly political leadership, who cow-tows to the religious rabid for votes and gullible peoples money. If you use God in your politics, in my book you really really suck. You naked Emperors, shame! Spare the platitudes, got any reality based ideas?

    2. Noooo matter how you slice it, this concept is insincere. See 1 above.

    3. ITS A GOVERNMENT ISSUED PIECE OF METAL. Hell, IGWT its all over the money, and now I read they are rallying the forces of Jesus, Inc. to force the 10 commandments, er, historical (KJV, of course!) ‘documents’ on display in libraries, oops, schools, oops, courthouses. Right. Through legislation. Screw Breast Cancer, lets give the money to the Any Odd Church of Jesus! Typical Christian ‘Compassion’.

    Compromise: You could also offer a “In Dog, we love”, but cat haters would be up in paws, er arms.

    OK, that is my rant for the night. Thanks for allowing me to share my First Amendment freedom from religion POV. Adieu!

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Screw the cat owners…I’ll bet there are many times more stray cats than stray dogs, which means the cat owners are less inclined to neuter their cats…thereby causing the population of stray cats to multiply 100-fold more than stray dogs.

    (Of course…I say all this with the full knowledge that my good friend Amanda is reading this blog on a regular basis, and this will cause her to whip-out some research on cats that proves me dead wrong…:) )

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