Harris For Reed Part II

There have been some questions in this post about whether Harris is coming for Reed or vice versa. The answer is that Katherine Harris is coming to campaign for Ralph Reed and raise money for herself. The answer lies in the invitation.

The key language is

Representative Harris is only helping solicit federally permissible funds

That language is required under the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 (“BCRA”) when a congresscritter raises money for someone running for a state office. Under BCRA, when a congresscritter decides to fundraise for someone running for a state or local office, the money raised with the congresscritter’s help can only be money that could be accepted in a federal election, i.e. contributions from individuals and not PACs, Unions, or Corporations. Likewise, the language immediately following that states

Contributions are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. State law requires us to report the name, address, occupation and employer of every person who contributes more than $101.00 in the election cycle.

If the money was being raised for Representative Harris, it would have said “Federal law” instead of “State law” — a statement that would have been required under federal campaign finance laws.

Likewise, Representative Harris also had a luncheon today to raise money for her race for the U.S. Senate in Florida.


  1. larry smith says:

    Legalities aside, it’s just gratifying to know that Ralph Reed is trying so hard to ensure Republicans lose the Florida Senate race as well as the Georgia LG race. Why throw one statewide office overboard when you can lose two, right?

  2. larry smith says:

    Harris’ staff quick to quit


    [email protected]

    In just under three years, U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris has had four chiefs of staff, four district directors and four press secretaries.

    Harris has had to replace key people on her staff every nine months, a rate of staff turnover that far exceeds most of those in Congress.

    On average, members of Congress hold onto their high-level staff for four to five years.

    Turnover isn’t limited to Harris’ congressional office, either. As she prepares to run against Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, Harris has been hampered by turnover on her campaign staff. Her campaign manager quit last week, after just a few months on the job and not long after she lost a pollster and a campaign finance director earlier this year.

    Coupled with bad poll numbers and her struggles to raise money, political watchers say the staff turnover adds to the appearance that her operations are in disarray.

  3. GAWire says:

    Everyone in the Party has tried to convince her not to run yet, and to remain in the House to build support.

  4. GAWire says:

    Comment from UGA Wins 2005 in the previous post on this subject:

    “””We owe Harris a lot. However, she doesnt seem to be getting traction in her florida campaign. Now she comes here and the tickets go for $100? Reed and all his baggage might sink the USS Harris.”””

    This is a good point – why would Harris be attaching herself to someone like Ralph Reed? I know FL voters probably won’t even hear about this, unless her opponents come out strong on it, and if they were smart, they will do that.

    As I said before, I really like Katherine Harris – she did a lot for the President, but everyone did try to convince her not to run for the Senate seat yet, b/c the chances of her winning are not good. The only thing that her staff troubles shows is that when you go outside the Party recommendations and leadership, the chances of success are slim to none.

    Now, in reality Harris will do nothing to gain support for Ralph and he certainly won’t gain support for her – obviously this is just to raise money, and I will be curious to find out how much was raised from this event. Still, this could be something that could bite Harris later.

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