Good News for David Graves

State Rep. David Graves, R-Macon, will have at least one thing to be thankful for today: The State Board of Pharmacy plans to take no action concerning his license to practice pharmacy.
Because Graves’ recent DUI convictions were misdemeanors and not felonies, the board has no authority to take any disciplinary action, the board’s presiding officer said Wednesday.



  1. Romegaguy says:

    Question for the lawyers… the story said that the board can only take action on felonies or crimes of moral turpitudes. Is 2 DUI convictions not a crime of moral turpitude?

  2. pathfinder says:

    No. It does not. Moral turpitude is limited to crimes involving lying, cheating, stealing, etc. The professional board, however, can and should require him to address his alcohol problem.

    Let me add that Representative Graves situation should be viewed as tragedy. He is one of the brightest and best liked members of the General Assembly. He has asked for forgiveness from his fellow legislators and I hope he has done the same from his family and friends. He is rightly serving out the criminal sentence given him and now he must address the demons that have led him to his present state.

    As a Christian, I beleive in forgiveness and redemption. If Rep. Graves takes the difficult path away from alchoholism we should stand with him and give him another chance. He is a good man with a very human frailty. Instead of throwing stones, we should offer him our prayers.

  3. Tater Tate says:

    Brightest? Don’t think so. Likeable? If you can get past the arrogance.

    I’m all for forgiveness and redemption, but there are four primary opponents–last I heard–that he’ll have to get by on the way to the confessional.

  4. pathfinder says:

    I stand by my assessment and I think most folks familiar with the Gold Dome would agree that Graves is a good man. We’ll see if he can first right his life and prove himself to his constituents. No one ever said salvation comes easy.

    How do folks in Macon area handicap his opponents?

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