Casey At Bat

Yeah, I know, bad title, but I could not resist.

Anyway, I’m told reliably that Casey Cagle had an event in Savannah and Eric Johnson attended, saying very positive things about Casey and introduced Casey to the audience. I’m trying to contact Senator Johnson’s office for further comment.

[UPDATE] Senator Johnson’s office said Senator Johnson attended the event as he would a Ralph Reed event. He remains neutral in the race and refrained from any endorsements. There appears to be no story here.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Eric was there and said many good things in regards to Casey. Many of the business and community leaders of Chatham County were there as well. It’s just a growing sign that Casey Cagle is the most qualified and experienced candidate for Lt. Governor and will do Georgia proud if elected.

    With Casey, he’ll never lie to us and he’ll never embarrass us!

  2. Tater Tate says:

    Just like the Cagle campaign to suggest Johnson has endorsed him as they have done about Johnson and Williams several times already. Erick, you got to the truth. So Bull, “he’ll never lie to us”??? I think his campaign has on several occasions already, as they have about RR too.

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