Herschel Walker to Fundraise for Cathy Cox

I got this email in this morning. Herschel Walker will headline a fundraiser for Cathy Cox on December 2nd. The main event will cost $250.00, but there will be a “VIP” event if you want to cough up $1000.00 per person.


  1. Romegaguy says:

    Speaking of Bulldogs and Endorsements…. Did you see that LARRY MUNSON has endorsed Gary Black? Of course so did some guy named MIKE BOWERS…

  2. Bill Simon says:

    UGA Wins, please tell me which of the following would result in more money being raised (these may be word problems you never encountered at UGA…you are free to consult with your other soul mates on the math…or, use the Internet if it will help you):

    1) Governor Perdue holds a $1000 minimum per attendee fundraiser and 10 people show-up, each bearing a check for $1000.

    2) Ralph Reed holds a fundraiser with John Smoltz as the headliner and 50 people show-up, each bearing a check for $1000.

    3) Cathy Cox holds a fundraiser with Herschel Walker as the headliner, and 400 people show-up, each bearing a $250 check.

    Of the aforementioned examples, which candidate raises the most in one event?

  3. Tommy_a2b says:

    Bill be careful “Bull Dawg Nation” (they can’t spell Dog isn’t that funny in itself) may come after you for insulting their math skills.

    P.S. I never claimed I could spell either. But they are a whole “Nation”.

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