First Georgia Paper Calls on Reed to Drop Candidacy

The Blackshear Times

Editorial: Local Republicans Should Help Persuade Reed to Drop Candidacy (Excerpts Below)

Ralph Reed, long the darling of the religious right, has had a phenomenal career built on dancing along the narrow line between politics and religion …

… Long content to stay in the background and soak up power from a position close to others, Reed let his lust for even more power convince him that, despite few credentials to offer, he could be elected Lieutenant Governor of Georgia …

… You can’t spell “greed


  1. I for one will be pleased if Republican primary voters tune out this liberal media noise. Ralph Reed knows how to take care of business. Just ask Jack Abramoff. He won’t lie…he’ll be under oath!

  2. larry smith says:


    Are you seriously arguing that the community paper from Blackshear, Georgia is part of the “liberal media conspiracy” to bring down Ralph Reed? If so, I’d like to tell you about the time I saw Elvis at Wal-Mart, right before he was abducted by space aliens.

  3. GAWire says:

    Everybody lay off Tater . . . he is EXACTLY correct! GOP Primary Voters will pick OUR candidate; however, I’m not sure Tater will be pleased with the outcome.

  4. larry smith says:

    Hey, I’m not disputing that point that voters choose candidates. That’s obviously pretty self evident. What I am saying is that Republicans come across like a bunch of paranoid nutjobs when we reflexively bash any media outlet we disagree with as biased, liberal, irrelevant, or whatever.

    The bottom line is that voters in medium to small sized towns do read — and are influenced by — what their local paper prints. These papers are run by people’s friends and neighbors, not by a distant corporation.

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