Changing the Voter ID Law

Cecil Staton is willing.

State Sen. Cecil Staton, who sponsored Georgia’s controversial voter ID bill in the state Senate, says he is willing to make changes to the law.

The Macon Republican told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday that changes could include letting local governments issue photo identification cards that would let people who don’t have a driver’s license vote.

Another idea, he said, would eliminate a provision under which voters can get a photo ID without paying a fee by signing a pauper’s affidavit. “We’ll make it free,” Staton said.


  1. It looks like Staton is basically endorsing many of the proposed changes Democrats have been suggesting in Peach Pundit comments for months, only to have the likes of Tater Tate et al tell them that fraud is so rampant this was a perfect bill and all of our protests were bs and unwarranted. Staton must know this bill is in trouble.

  2. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Sen Staton has a history of working hard for the right solution to problems. He will do what is right here too. Regardless of what he does, the lugnuts on the left will not be satisfied. However, the louder they squeel, the more effective he must be.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    This Staton guy needs to be shown the exit door in the Senate… He’s just a delivery man for special interests… I have no use for people like that.

  4. Tater Tate says:

    I think the bill is great as is, but if minor changes get it through the court stuff then it may be worth it. We need this in place by next Nov.

    If the photo id bill is delivery for special interests, then I hope that guy is around a long time. I’m glad to be part of that special interest.

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