The Agenda

No controversy if the GOP can help it.

Some of the most controversial topics won’t be on the agenda for the next legislative session that begins in January.

No bills increasing secrecy for real-estate developers. No bills switching the funding of education from property taxes to a sales tax. And no constitutional amendment capping state spending at the rate of inflation and population growth.

Republican leaders, from Gov. Sonny Perdue down, have put out the word that the session should remain tame and orderly.

Many of the most debatable bills are sponsored by lawmakers in safe, staunchly Republican districts. But Perdue must run statewide among voters pretty evenly split between Republicans, Democrats and independents.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Yeah, those that sponsored the real estate developer friendly bill last year on land taking sure must be hoping that we have forgotten all about that little bill called, what was it, SB 5??? I’m not sure…

    As for an agenda, it might be good for the House Members to fall in line with their Senate counterparts and follow the lead of people like Eric Johnson or else they can count my vote goodbye…

    Perhaps it’s time to send Jerry Keen and his boys back to the bench…

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