Reed on Education

Ralph Reed has started the roll out of his initiatives. The first one is education. Tonight, Ralph will present his education initiative to the Coverdell Leadership Institute.

According to the information his campaign provided Peach Pundit

“Putting Children First” is a mainstream agenda based on solid research to improve our schools and give our children every opportunity to succeed in life. But teachers and schools cannot replace loving parents and a caring community. The state can provide an excellent education. But only mothers and fathers can help their children do homework at the kitchen table, monitor their academic progress on line, and tell them to turn off the television set and read a book.

According to Ralph’s campaign manager, this will be the first of many initiatives rolled out. Perhaps this race will start getting substantive.


  1. landman says:

    Eric,its a major reach to make a comment that because RR puts out a piece on Education that now there is substance to this race. Any unbiased observer who has listenened to CC knows that one of his major talking points from the beginning of the campaign has been improving our Education system.

    In addition to Education he has been talking specifics on issues that include Economic Developement,Medicaid funding,Transportation,and issues involving Crime.

    You may want to mark your calender for December 6,to be at Fox’s Grille in Atlantic Station.CC will be having a dinner with some of Georgia’s leading business figures hosting, to hear some of his plans that are full of substance.

    If you are attending the Gov’s dinner that night CC’S reception starts at 4:OO,and there will be a shuttle available to Sonny’s dinner.

  2. larry smith says:

    Interesting that Ralph released his plan at one of the worst times for media coverage of the year — Friday night before Thanksgiving week. This makes no sense until you consider that his long time business associate Mike Scanlon got indicted on a major plea deal with the feds at exactly the same time.

  3. Tater Tate says:

    Hell, both of these guys know what they are doing and both will put forward major policy initiatives as their campaigns roll out. It is early and no one is paying attention beyond the few who attend, or those who read a small report is the paper or on a blog.

    Everyone should take their fangs back in and listen to what is said. Comment on the policy. Its meaningless to try to score cheap points right now about when they do it or who goes first.

    I just hope they will address some of the issues I listed on another thread. This is going to be a long race and an interesting one. I just wish on this blog people would stop being so petty and talk about facts and issues, not spin.

  4. larry smith says:

    Nothing like condescending lectures about what’s appropriate to discuss on a political blog to start the morning off right.

  5. landman says:

    Tater,what was petty about my comment and where was the spin?I was merely making the point that there is already substance to this campaign,and every comment was based on fact and issues.

  6. 4ofspades says:

    Well Casey and Ralph can rollout anything they want. But at the end of the day what does the LT Gov. really do? The position was stripped of all it’s power in the Senate.

    It’s really a part time fluff job….

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Yes it is, 4ofSpades…and, as a eyewitness to Ralph’s presentation last night at the CLI event, I can tell you that “fluff” is a darned good description of what he said. 🙂

  8. landman says:

    Spades,actually it looks as if the job description is going to change,Eric Johnson spoke to the subject at a fundraiser for CC this week .In his introduction,after commending CC of his 11 years of service in the Senate,went on to say that he looked forward to restoring the powers of the LG to a Republican office holder.

  9. 4ofspades says:

    Landman, That would be interesting. Quite frankly I’d be a little surprised. Why would Johnson propose that, would would presume that he might be interested in running in 2010 for Gov. and giving the Lt. Gov the powers back could hurt that

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Why does EVERY decision to do something, or statement about an intent to do something, HAVE TO HAVE A POLITICAL REASON FOR DOING IT????

    Are you married 4ofSpades? Do you sit there and think about every decision your spouse or significant other says or does in some sort of “well, she/he said/did this over here, and did/said this over there…and, it looks like she’s/he’s trying to manipulate this here for that thing over there and then we have the whole mother in-law thing…”

    Could it possibly be that a decision or an idea is proposed that doesn’t have political implications or motivations buried in the decision?

    Can you contemplate that possibility in your little world, 4ofSpades?

  11. Tater Tate says:

    I think the pro tem will be glad to give up some of the administrative duties. Who wants to deal with the secretaries and other non-political stuff. I doubt the real power will leave the hands of the PPT or the MJ no matter who is elected. There’s just no reason to had that back.

  12. Maurice Atkinson says:

    It is refreshing that finally the candidate has decided it is important to bring forward a policy. I am, however, amazed that his agenda is written in “soundbyte”. I really expected more. He did given an excellent speech Friday night, he usually does.

    Compare the script he has posted on his website to what Senator Cagle has presented on his site I hardly feel it is too much to ask for a detailed agenda.

    Ralph has the ability to do much more than this. He’s ran perhaps the most aggressive, effective activist organization ever. He can and should do better.

  13. landman says:

    Spades and Tater,if CC wins this primary and I strongly believe he will by a larger margin than once thought,it would be the obvious move.The strong support he has from the senate while not unanimus is very close to being one, would warrant such a move.One must remember why they were stripped to begin with.

    Erick,I found your quote in the AJC to be quite shallow and void of merit.I hope all RR supporters are as naive as that quote was.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Landman, don’t you find it interesting that neither Erick nor Silence has had the courage to post the link to Casey’s story in today’s AJC as the beginning of a whole new thread on PPundit?

  15. landman says:

    Bill,Yes I do.Although Im sure they will spin it so it looks as if the world is ganging up on RR.I did find it funny that Erick while making an absurd quote managed to place RR,CORRUPT,and SOB in the same sentence.

  16. waterboy says:

    Landman – while I support CC, it isn’t the backing of the state senate that will get him over the finish line. They back him because he is one of their fellow brothers…..same goes for other statewide races (SoS, Ag). What is noteworthy is when a fellow senator breaks rank and supports the opponent of a fellow senator in the primary.

  17. landman says:

    Waterboy,Im glad to hear we are on the same team in this race.I was not stating that by having near unanimous support in the Senate,that it would assure a win.I was making the point that with this type of support you would expect the powers of the Lt Gov to be fully restored,as Senator Johnson spoke to last week at a fundraiser for CC.

  18. Romegaguy says:

    Funny I didnt think it was the President pro Tempore’s decision as to what the power of the Lt Gov is. The way I read the Senate Rules it is up to the Senate to decide what powers belong to the Lt Gov and what powers belong to the President pro Tempore.

  19. landman says:

    Rome,that was my point,it stands to reason that if the majority of the Senate is for CC then they would want those powers restored,should he win.

  20. waterboy says:

    Thanks for the clarification landman….good point. The Lt. Gov job is hardly more than serving as a master of ceremonies for the senate chamber at present. CC would be a good leader with the appropriate Lt. Gov duties restored.

  21. Bull Moose says:

    Eric Johnson is on record as saying that if a Republican wins the Lt. Gov position that he wants to and plans to return all the powers to that office. As well, Eric Johnson was in attendance at an event in Savannah for Casey Cagle and spoke out loud and clear (short of an endorsement) about Casey’s strengths that he brings to this position. That says a lot!

    As for Ralph Reed starting the position rollout, I agree, Erick, Casey began the rollout phase long before Reed. Reed didn’t bother to get into issues until federal indictments started falling towards his inside the beltway buddies… The ethical mess in DC stinks bad enough, are we really so stupid and desperate as a state party that we need to bring one of its ring leaders to be the #2 guy in State Government?

    And Reed needs to understand something (and Ralph if you read this and are offended — good!) the principles of education include characteristics like honesty, integrity, and self respect. Your double talking and truth twisting do nothing to reinforce any of those important characteristics…

    The tide is turning in this race and Georgia and the Republican Party will be stronger once they move past the influence and involvement of people like Ralph Reed.

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