Once again…

…trying to balance the record and make sure the facts are reported accurately. When one refers to records, and states that Casey Cagle has a plan, I was prompted to go check. Here’s what his website has listed:

Casey Cagle is one of the most experienced Republican leaders in the State Senate.

As our Lt. Governor Casey Cagle will lead with a vision of opportunity for Georgia. The opportunity for our children to learn and grow. The opportunity for our families to prosper and thrive.

Casey will transform the office of Lt. Governor into a bold, conservative voice for our families – for better jobs, for lower taxes, a more efficient state government, and for excellence in our children’s education.

In the coming days, Casey will detail on this site a comprehensive plan to make his vision of opportunity a reality for every child and every family in Georgia.

Casey has the proven character to lead and a decade of experience in the Senate with an unmatched record of success.

And that’s why every day, Georgians from all walks of life are joining the effort to elect Casey Cagle our next Lt. Governor. They sense something special, something exciting, something inspiring in the humble beginnings, the proven character, and the bold leadership of this man from Gainesville.

There’s also a link to a document about bringing jobs to Georgia, that’s basically a copy of talking points from the NFIB or the Chamber of Commerce. Funny thing is, one of the chapter titles is “Securing the Future of Agribusiness.” Maybe the consultant’s people just mixed that one up, and it was supposed to go on Kemp’s website.

The most prominent text on the “Vision” page is this:

Where [there is] no vision, the people perish…Proverbs 29:18

Interesting. I suppose one has to at least give them credit to at least having a “vision” section, regardless of what’s in it. Reed’s site, as reported, doesn’t even have a section for a plan. Maybe it’s “coming soon.”


  1. Silence says:

    Well, my friend, in light of how highly you consider the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Washington Post, and others, especially in their ability to analyze political candidates, I’ll take that as a compliment 😉

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Silence, when Jim Galloway writes a story that has FACTS in it, there is no need for them to “analyze” them…the facts are the facts.

    You, I understand, hate facts, especially when they are about your pal Ralph Reed, or, your other idol, Linda Hamrick.

  3. larry smith says:

    For a real “vision,” check out Ralph’s site … wanna guess what the biggest news he has is? He went to Houston and met with an ex-President. Wow! I just hope the little tyke got an autograph as well.

  4. jackson says:

    Great post Silence! Extremely insightful analysis! For your next front page post, why don’t you do it on the color scheme on each website and how it will affect the campaign? I am dying to know your in-depth thoughts on this.

  5. larry smith says:


    Sure, I got some substance for you …

    The only part of Reed’s website that ever gets updated are blog entries featuring — almost exclusively — the following:

    a) Stories of his encounters with Republican celebs
    b) Commentary on professional sports
    c) Reaction to the national news du jour (Iraq, SCOTUS, Rove, whatever).

    Bottom line, the site is completely devoid of much of anything in the way of substance related to the office for which he is running. Comparing it to, say, Cagle’s 15 page job plan is just kind of delusional, which leads to my two bottom line questions:

    Why is Ralph Reed the only credible Republican running for statewide office in GA this cycle who has yet to offer any specific policies?

    Do you already work for Ralph Reed or are you just angling for a job with him when you graduate from college?

  6. Silence says:

    Been there, done that, got cussed at, got a t – shirt…next question?

    In reference to Casey’s 15 page plan, first off, only 10 of those pages actually contain substantive provisions. Out of those provisions, it sounds an awful lot like Senator Cagle just wants to be Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development. As a small business owner, he actually would be qualified for that, I think.

    One other note: Ralph’s lack of expression of specific policy measures can be matched by Brian Kemp. Just for the record.

  7. Tater Tate says:

    I’d like to hear something from Republicans like:

    We spend too much of your money.
    We need to trim state government.
    Here’s some of your money back.
    Have some personal responsibility.
    Let’s get government out of the way and let the private sector create some jobs, deal with our social ills, and do the things government can’t do without wasting too many $$$.
    Cut back on wasteful social programs. If somebody has got a cell phone, a car, and painted nails they are not poor and don’t need government assistance.

    I’m not a policy wonk and don’t need ten pages. Just some good old red meat and the guts to do it when you get elected.

  8. jackson says:

    I don’t have anything SUBSTANTIVE to add to the issue, Silence, because your post is not a SUBSTANTIVE issue.

    And what does what Ralph Reed have up on his site have to do with Kemp, Black, Perdue or any one else not running for LG?

    “In reference to Casey’s 15 page plan, first off, only 10 of those pages actually contain substantive provisions..” I almost choked when I read this. Only TEN pages of substative provisions?

    In addition, considering that economic development is a major part of his platform, and frankly, the major part of most Gubenatorial/Lt. Gubenatorial candidates, why is that a bad thing?

    Silence, I am saying this as a fellow Republican: The more you say trite, immature, and ignorant comments, the more people on the Peach Pundit (and wherever else) are going to just dismiss you all together.

  9. jackson says:

    I am with you Tater Tate on the issues, but I dont want red meat or policy papers. I just want folks that will do what they say they are going to do. Unlike many of our Republican friends in DC that talk it, but actually spend more than the Democrats.

  10. Jack S says:

    Actually, Silence, Ralph’s lack of substance is nothing like Brian Kemp’s statement that his positions on issues are “Coming Soon!”.

    All Ralph has is a second rate website and all that stuff that Larry mentioned.

    What is very clear though is that Silence has an unhealthy obsession with Kemp and Cagle. I mean, give it a rest! They apparently didn’t hire him or didn’t show him the “respect” he deserves as an intern at the Capitol or maybe he just thinks they are really cute and can’t handle these funny feelings he’s having.

    Silence, this obsession you have is starting to sound really twisted. Get over yourself.

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