Hispanic Voters

A couple days ago, Buzz Brockway mentioned the issue of illegal immigration in one of his posts. There is an interesting article in this month’s Georgia Trend on the topic. Tom Crawford mentions the incredible growth of Georgia’s Hispanic population, and the increase in political involvement among this group.

This is a particularly touchy subject for the GOP – do you appease the conservative base by enacting laws denying government services to illegals OR court Hispanic voters by allowing illegals the use of these services? Illegal immigrants contribute little to the state’s financial coffers and are a drain on social services. But, as Tom Crawford points out, alienating these individuals by enacting laws perceived as anti-immigrant could open the door for Democrats who are actively courting this increasingly important group of voters.

During his time as Governor of Texas, President Bush enjoyed considerable popularity among Hispanic voters in that state. In his second run for Governor of the Lone Star State, Bush received upwards of fifty percent of the Hispanic vote according to some estimates. These elections should be case-studies for GOP success among Hispanics in this and other states.


  1. Chris says:

    Illegal immigrants contribute little to the state’s financial coffers and are a drain on social services.

    While I’ll grant that illegals don’t pay any income taxes, they do have to buy stuff and live someplace so they do pay sales and property taxes (the latter indirectly). Are there any studies, etc that can be cited to support the above statement?

    (Please don’t take that as an accusation, just a request for more info)

  2. Tater Tate says:

    Illegals are not voting, at least we hope they are not, and they are not likely to become citizens soon.

    Many legal Hispanics, and there are many of both kinds down here, feel the way most Republicans do. They came here the honest way and jumped through the hoops. Many have family still in their home countries who are trying to get here legally. Why should those who break the law to get here be rewarded.

    I think its that simple. These are hard working people and we need their labor. We just want them to be legal and we need help from the federal government to find a way to that end.

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