A Plan

I received an email from the Gary Black campaign for Ag Commissioner, where he outlines his plan for what Black wants to do in office. Now, I am not here to critique this plan, and I am not even necessarily endorsing Gary Black over Kemp; however, when I see a detailed plan such as this, it makes me wonder what the other side is, and what kind of plan his opponent is suggesting. So, I went back to Brian Kemp’s site, and after I got around all the nice macromedia flash stuff, this is what I found.

I will have to say that in comparing the two plans, Black presents a few more quality suggestions.

One of the key things that really struck me when looking at this, is that I was reading a detailed plan for Ag Commissioner. Now, I am sure there are many farmers in GA that are interested in what the Ag Commissioner does, but I am going to go out on a limb here and say that offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Sec of State, and Attorney General are the type of positions where a detailed plan just might come in handy.

I have seen Casey Cagle’s plan. I guess we have seen Sonny’s plan to an extent from his first term, but what about the next 4 years. The point is: shouldn’t there be some more discussion and debate on what these candidates are specifically planning to do if elected, rather than the same ole stuff? What is Ralph Reed going to do as Lt. Governor besides spend a significant amount of time defending his actions before a Senate Sub-Committee? I just mentioned Republicans here, but what are Mark Taylor or Cathy Cox planning to do for Georgians? What about Greg Hecht?

I can read their websites, but c’mon, folks – I would really like to hear some substance! You too, Dems!


  1. Bill Simon says:

    A “plan?” We don’t need no stinkin’ plans here in this state! We be the damned Republicans! We be the MAJORITY party! We own the White House! We OWN the U.S. House! We own the U.S. Senate!

    We own it all! Take this notion of yours, GAW, that candidates should spend time preparing “plans” and lose it, Man!

  2. Jack S says:

    GA Wire –
    I agree. All candidates for public office should outline a clear, specific agenda on what they plan to do if elected.

    And despite the fact that I think Gary Black is bad for the Republican Party, I say kudos to him for offering such a plan. I am supporting Kemp and have checked his website and I think it’s important to note that he has
    on there that his plan is “Coming Soon”.

    I’m sure Kemp will get around to detailing his plans soon. I doubt that he checks in on Peach Pundit to figure out what he needs to be doing.

    But you raise an excellent point about other candidates, Republican and Dem.
    Unlike Kemp, Black and Cagle, there’s no mention they have a specific agenda or that we’ll see one soon. Where’s the beef?

  3. GAWire says:

    I know there is a certain tone of naiveté to my post, but don’t get me wrong – I have been around campaign politics for years now, so I know the behind the scenes stuff and I like to talk about strategy and what candidate has what staff and all that nice meaningless stuff we usually end up talking about around here.

    But, what happened to the issues? What happened to deciding on candidates based on what they say they can do to help the Georgians (or Americans for that matter) and how they plan to get that done, as well as the experience they have that will help them? Sure, that is very idealic of me, especially considering my usual negativity, but sometimes it is just nice to open up the ole email and see a message that communicates a clear plan on behalf of a candidate.

    I certainly agree, Jack, that these guys aren’t waiting on Peach Pundit to advise them what to do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the little campaign fodder are spending a lot of their time blogging.

    Also, one thing I forgot to mention earlier – the only message that I have received from Kemp talked about the fact that he has hired his full staff. Well, wooppee – he’s got my vote. This stuff should be campaign 101 – they should have this stuff before they even plan the announcement. The guys and gals that taught me campaign politics would laugh at these campaigns today (and they are, trust me).

  4. ConservativeFire says:

    Why would we believe anything that Gary Black proposes? He’s a damn liberal Democrat lobbyist. They are worse than trial lawyers. Yeah, he says it right up to the point where he gets elected and goes back to being a dem.

    This is still just crazy.

  5. Jack S says:

    GA Wire, didn’t mean to get too combative with you, just the lawyer in me I guess.

    But I do want to make one point about all this. Just because a campaign doesn’t give all the details up front doesn’t mean that they don’t have any ideas. What I mean to say in defense of our Governor and other candidates and Kemp too is that I’m sure they have plenty of ideas. They just haven’t announced them yet. Kemp says coming soon, so I’m sure it’s coming soon. And I bet our Gov has plenty of ideas to throw on the table but it’s not time yet.

    All I’m saying is that yes, I completely agree with you that campaigns these days seem to be all bluff and no substance and that will likely apply to many campaigns this year, but it seems to me that this criticism of all other campaigns is best made later next year and not now.

  6. GAWire says:

    Jack, don’t worry – I am used to Bill Simon (no offense, Bill), so I definitely didn’t think you were too combative. I certainly hear what you are saying too. I know that most likely all of these candidates – GOP and Dem alike – probably have some sort of plan (if they don’t, then they have no business wasting our time), but I guess it is the communications person in me that wonders why a legitimate plan seems to be way down the list of To Dos.

    I know most will eventually present some sort of plan, but a lot of these campaigns seem to so caught up in the behind-the-scenes stuff that most normal voters don’t care about, and forget that what a lot of average joe voters would really like to hear some specific suggestions as to what a candidate can and will do in office.

    You are right – there is still a lot of time, and they will all come around in some way. Campaign season is getting shorter and shorter every year, though!

  7. Silence says:

    ConservativeFire — your Mommy would be so ashamed of you if she knew what kind of language you were using.

    Jack S — I would like to remind you that Brian’s website has been saying “Coming Soon” for months…

  8. jackson says:

    Reading some of the comments on the site, I am beginning to wonder why I even take the time to read it sometimes.

    I agree that issues are important. You all (meaning most folks that read this site) are willing to tear down folks when they give ideas, but then get mad if they dont submit ideas fast enough.

    I remember a while back folks saying that Casey Cagle didnt have enough of his plan up. He has a 15 page report or something but all I read is “We need more, blah blah blah.”

    Policy is important. It takes time. If you are tired GAWire (and I am not necissarily criticizing you) of lack of substance in campaigns, then don’t settle for a lack of substance in campaign plans. Let people do their thing, do their research, and submit ideas and plans that are well thought out. Those things take time. And getting started with builiding a campaign team, fundraising, legislative stuff, or whatever, takes time to get going.

    Give all those guys a break. Even Ralph Reed for not even having anything. (though you won’t be hearing me say that much anymore!)

  9. GAWire says:

    Yeah, Fire – “Lobbyist,” “Democrat,” “Trial Lawyers,” and “liberal” – do you kiss your moma with that mouth?

  10. GAWire says:

    Jackson – trust me, I hear what you are saying and I realize all of this. I guess a key point I am trying to make is that many of the candidates in GA (and all over) nowadays are overlooking the basics. They are trying to run local or downballot campaigns like BC’04 – implementing big time websites, newer campaign tactics, record-breaking fundraising, etc – and all this stuff is great, but they are doing these things, meanwhile completely overlooking some of the basics.

    Joe Voter in Butts Co could CARELESS about Blog for Ralph and what new version of Macromedia Kemp’s site has; however, I would imagine they do care about economic development, etc. And, I know it takes time – I have written plans for campaigns before, and it is easier said than done – but the job after ED won’t be any easier.

  11. ConservativeFire says:

    Silence, I am glad you are supporting the candidates you are supporting. Because when this election cycle ends, you will be in an even lower position than you are in now. Because your guys are going to lose and lose bad.

    You align yourself liberals and lobbyists and see where it gets you.

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