Rizner Enters the Ring

Jason Rizner, a fellow Mercer law grad, is going to be joining us here on Peach Pundit’s front page. I first met Jason while speaking to a group of College Dems and Reps at Mercer Law School a year or so ago. That was back when Mercer was still a Baptist school and sadly there was no beer at the event and Jason refused to smuggle me in a cold one. I’ve since forgiven him.

Welcome Jason.


  1. Elliott says:

    Way for the Justice Department to in no way actually uphold justice in this case.

    So basically after reading the impartial report, appointed officials just ruled however the heck they wanted to anyways. If this is how things are going to be, why even go through the motions of legitmate investigations – at least that way we could save money by not paying these salaried attornies. jeeze.

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