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I’ve traded a few emails today with a couple of high ranking senate Republicans. I asked if they had anything else on or off the record to say about the Douglas committee appointment. They all said the appointment should say it all and expect former Senator Crotts to get the message.


  1. MT says:

    After speaking to several folks down in Henry County about Crotts, of which many of whom are active in the local political scene, Douglas is on solid ground. Those that supported Crotts in Henry in the past are not all jumping up on his band wagon. In fact several of them that talked with Crotts told him they could not support him this time around.

    Crotts’ battle cry currently is that he is getting too many phone calls in the district to ignore. The public wants him back.

    Though I have not ever conducted a poll or even know how to except by asking a few people where they stand on an issue, Crotts is not going to have an easy election. He doesn’t have the ability to raise money efficiently or in great quantity. He has lost that important “incumbent

  2. rightontheleft says:

    If Crotts is getting too many phone calls, it’s not from anyone I know in Newton, Rockdale, or Henry GOP circles. Then again, I tend to converse with people who actually vote.

    What I’m hearing is near unanimous surprise/shock/anger that Crotts would even consider running against an incumbment who has worked hard for our district.

  3. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    This is normally a very slow time for politics, the week before Thanksgiving in a non election year. Usually people are settling down to enjoy family time and reflect on a year just passed.

    This episode gets many comments because of the unusual time of year, the challenge to an incumbent committee chair who also happens now to sit on Banking, Education and Transportation among others, and the fact that this seems to be because the 17th district seat is “owned” by Crotts, at least in his mind.

    Well, the reaction here and in the higest levels of the state GOP should be a clear message to Mike that he is mistaken. He runs the risk of taking on not only Douglas, but the whole party apparatus. No doubt there are other options open to the leadership of the party should Crotts remain in the race, none of which would be pretty for either the party or Mike. Now that Perry McGuire has switched races, the precedent is there for Mike to do the same while everyone saves face and moves on into the new year united for the battle with the Democrats.

    I hope that Mike will take the course of action that is best for him and for Republicans. We will all come out winners that way.

  4. Tater Tate says:

    I can’t figure out why Crotts would even consider this. It makes no sense at all, even less than his campaign for congress. Will he fund his own campaign. Someone told me he does have personal money. I’m sure the usual sources will be with Douglas. Heck, I’ll write Douglas a check now and his district is a long way from south Georgia.

  5. rightontheleft says:

    Crotts never had real opposition in his Senate races and the first time he had to really campaign, he came in THIRD! And then — again showing good political judgment — he endorsed the candidate who lost in the run-off. This is from his website:

    After much thought and prayer and with careful deliberation, it has become clear to me who that person should be to represent us in Congress … it is my privilege and honor as the ranking Republican Senator in Georgia and Chairman of the Senate Ethics and Government Reform Committee, to offer Dylan Glenn something I have never done in my entire political career; MY PERSONAL ENDORSEMENT. I further encourage those of you who supported me in my campaign, to now join with me in electing Dylan Glenn our new Congressman from the 8th District.

    It might be interesting to hear Lynn Westmoreland’s opinion on this.

    To be fair, I liked Dylan Glenn and so did people like JC Watts, Gingrich, etc. And Crotts. The kiss of death.

  6. UGA Wins 2005 says:


    Dont forget that that glowing endorsement came after the Glenn campaigned paid Crotts $10,000 to be a “consultant.”

    Money talks.

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