Attention Mike Crotts

If you want to know where your former Republican colleagues are coming down on your potential race, you might want to read this:

State Senator John Douglas (R-Covington) has been appointed an ex-officio member of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee for the 2005-06 legislative term by the Senate Committee on Assignments, composed of Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson (R-Savannah), Senate Majority Leader Tommie Williams (R-Lyons) and Lt. Governor Mark Taylor (D).

You might want to rethink your challenge of Douglas.


  1. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Very interesting. What’s even more interesting is if you read the other quotes in the news release sent out yesterday to announce the appointment:

    “Senator Douglas brings a wealth of experience in the legislature and has shown his leadership skills by serving as one of the most active chairs of the Veteran and Military Affairs Committee this body has ever seen,” Senator Johnson said. “We are pleased to appoint him to the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions committee. He will be an asset to the Senate as we deal with crucial financial and economic issues.”

    “I am pleased that Sen. Douglas will be on the Committee,

  2. It means roughly by virtue of office or something like that. A lot of times the President of the Senate will be an ex-officio member on every committee. He is not on every committee the same way other members are, but by virtue of his office (President) he gets membership on certain or all committees.

    That must mean that they made the chair of the Veterans committee an ex-officio member of the banking committee. That’s all I can think of. And it just happens to be Douglas. Kind of bizarre.

  3. Silence says:

    Ex Officio members do vote…ex officio only means it’s above and beyond your normal four committees…it basically mean’s you’re a sharp cookie (or you have strong opposition) and you have more committees than normal. Senate rules only allow four committees in normal status, so in order to get a fifth assignment, you have to have a special label.

  4. rightontheleft says:

    Peach Pundit nailed the headline: “Attention Mike Crotts.” I guess the Senate GOP thought sending a Christmas card to Crotts wouldn’t be clear enough. Kudos to Douglas … From my perch, I’m not sure they would have done the same if the roles had been reversed.

  5. Karla Stuckey says:

    With all the bad news for Republicans of late and a difficult governor’s race, this kind of thing is not needed. Someone should have a heart to heart with Crotts. Where’s good old party discipline?

  6. Ben King says:

    and it looks like nationally your ‘party unity’ is wearing thin, too. y’all aren’t as bad as we are, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens in 06 when everyone runs away from Bush and pretends to be ‘moderate’.

  7. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    I think its important that Mike Crotts gracefully exit this mess. He still has a chance to garner party support should he go to another race featuring only Democrats. But that goodwill might run thin the longer he waits to make the switch.

    Regardless of what he does at this point, its clear that his Senate chances next year are evaporating by the minute.

  8. Karla Stuckey says:

    Surely this type of situation calls for some discipline Bill–that is if we want to keep our majority. Crotts has to be crazy to do this. I know of no reason why Senator Douglas should be challenged. Let’s fight the democrats, not one another.

    I’m not saying there are never times when an incumbent should be challenged, but this is not one of those times.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    You refer to a man that claims God told him to run for office when he was supposedly dying on some bad chinese food, as crazy? Surely you can think of better words to describe Crotts than crazy. How about “ego-maniac” or “dumbass” ?

    Ex-officio in modern English means you dont have to go to committee meetings if you dont want to but you get to use that committee to hit up certain lobbyist groups for money. In the case of Senator Douglas it means that PPT Johnson and the leadership realize that the chair of Veterans Affairs doesnt lend itself to raising money for re-election but a member of the Banking Committee should get 6 figures easily.

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