Oh, yeah … Shirley is paving the way to improvement

Forget all the nasty things I said about Shirley Franklin. After reading this story, I now see the “leadership” many of you are talking about in Atlanta’s mayor.

Who cares about Atlanta’s sewage and water problems? Forget about crime. Education in the city is substandard, you say? Don’t worry about it. Our Atlanta Mayor has us a new song.

Traffic is already bad, but now that this is official, I can’t imagine what we will do with all the new tourism this song will attract. Your tax dollars hard at work . . .


  1. billy says:

    Your post insinuates that Mayor Franklin has done nothing to address the problems of the city and has focused all her energy on the song.

    Don’t you think that is a bit disingenuous?

    As much fun that you can make of that song, Mayor Frankin has done a great deal to help the city of Atlanta. Beyond trying to clean house after getting elected, she has focused on balancing the city’s budget (something you should be apreciative of), repairing the city’s aging infrastructure (a project so important, your boys Eric and Sonny have helped her), and trying to make the city more attractive to business (at great expense to her liberal base, again something I thought you would appreciate).

    I would think Mayor Franklin would be a Democrat you would at least be ambivalent about – if not joining the many Republicans that actually like her.

  2. Ben King says:

    you know, I had this whole long comment written up to refute your post GAWire, but it became so painfully obvious that you know next to nothing about Atlanta that gave up.

  3. Harry says:

    During their slogan contest, I suggested the “Opportunity Optimism Openess”, which they adopted and never even bothered to acknowledge thanks. But anyway, that A-T-L rap stuff is pure crap. Talk about dividing rather than uniting the community!!

  4. Karla Stuckey says:

    I was in Atlanta the day the new son/slogan was announced and heard the Kimmer on WGST doing some skits on it–very funny if it were not so sad that this is the image Atlanta wants portrayed to the rest of the world.

    Sorry, the current Atlanta administration may be better than the last, but it is still mostly about getting jobs for black people who support the mayor.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    I thought that was rather original, Ben…have you heard anything like that from anyone else? No? well, then, it fits the definition of “original.” 😉

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