San Fran Guns

Per Silence’s request, this is from Bill Simon in the comments:

Heyyyy…did you guys hear about the ballot initiative in San Francisco that just got passed yesterday? As of April 2006, all guns owned by anyone in San Francisco, whether legal or illegal, must be turned in.

They put this on the ballot in hopes of cutting down on the number of homicides in the city. These people in SF are idiots to think the illegal guns will be turned in…


  1. zra says:

    Maybe some law abiders will turn in their guns… but something tells me that the criminals won’t.

    I cannot, for the life of me, understand what is going on in the minds of California voters.

  2. macongop says:

    This policy does not work. Look at DC. They have the same law and homicides are the highest in the nation. I guess the Rainbow Warriors out there will just love and hug the criminal till they stop their eveil ways!!! I don’t think this will stand up in court and is not totally enforcable. I’m ready to see what my NRA says about this. Again, the Legal, Law abiding person gets screwed in the end again.

  3. Eddie T says:

    It’s going to be really funny when a judge overturns that ban, Republicans celebrate, and I get to make “activist judge” jokes again.

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