Perdue and Sharon

This is actually a very good story.

Gov. Sonny Perdue’s agricultural roots won him another supporter Wednesday when he met with Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during a stop on a weeklong trade mission to the Middle Eastern country.

Aides to Perdue were surprised that the courtesy call stretched to 45 minutes instead of the typical 15 for such formalities.

Later, the governor laid a wreath in a brief, solemn ceremony at the Holocaust Museum, another customary tribute by visiting dignitaries.

Perdue and his wife, Mary, were given separate tours of the Holocaust Museum because the longer meeting with Sharon shifted their schedules. Each was tight-lipped as they were guided through the stark exhibits, photos and few humble mementos.

After touring the collection of memorabilia from the Jewish victims of Adolf Hitler’s extermination campaign, Perdue signed the official guest book and left a half-page note.

The personal connection he made with Sharon was clearly a highlight of his day.

Like the governor, Sharon grew up in a farming community.

Perdue aides said the two got business out of the way and began talking about sheep breeding, crop yields and market prices.

“I always have to talk to politicians. It’s nice to talk with someone serious,” Sharon joked, according to people who attended the private meeting.

Accompanying Perdue was Senate Majority Leader Tommie Williams, R-Lyons, who worked on a communal farm as a young man. He spoke Hebrew with the prime minister whose hometown was near Williams’ former kibbutz.

Sharon was interested in Vidalia onions and asked to get samples.

In return, Perdue said Georgia could learn from the Israelis about water conservation and desalinization of seawater, and homeland security, three things the desert country has developed an expertise for years ago.

Very good stuff, Sonny.


  1. spaceygracey says:

    Oh Maw Gawd. Like this is, like, soooooo totally open-minded kinda diplomacy and stuff! Rock on dude, rock on. Chicken farms rule! We got anything organic growin’ on ’round this state? That way we could really start to do W global damage control if Chuck and Camilla come ‘a callin’.

  2. waterboy says:

    Governor Perdue is a class act. Agriculture brings people together from all over the world and is appreciated for its productivity as well as the character it builds in people – which is reflected in the posted article.This is the Sonny Perdue that the Dems fear and that all Georgians should embrace…..he is the real deal.

    Not sure what the gibberish crap is posted by spaceboy. Probably some idiot that thinks we don’t need agriculture anymore because we have Kroger!

  3. rickday says:

    DemoPublican Perdue alarms me, Joe Citizen, when he admires the ‘homeland security’ of Israel. What peachy keen things can we learn from them?

    They build Berlin style walls, and have roadblocks and their very presence draws deathsquads to buses and such. Flak jackets and auto weapons and humvees oh my!

    Gov: If I want a Israeli type secure city I’ll more to the most secure city in the world.


  4. Romegaguy says:

    How does Nancy Shaeffer feel about Sonny showing support to the PM that gave in to them damn Arabs by giving them Palestine? Is she predicting an earthquake or hurricane?

  5. Arbusto says:

    Come on rickday. Everyone knows that Israel has the best security against terroism anywhere in the world. They live it day in and day out. Give the Governor his due. Well done Sonny!

  6. I support the Governor in this. Sonny is a great guy and has a good heart. Does he have some around him who might be better served to finish their degree? Yes. But that is what you get when the State Party says we are going to focus on Saxby, Sonny go f#$k yourself your not going to win. Thanks Ralph Reed for that. The College Republicans moved in. At that time out of about 20 staffers, 12 of us were 19 or below. 18 of us were under 30. Only 1 was over 35.

    In all the Governor is doing a good job. His job approval rating is 55% and while he might have pushed some hardcore insiders away, he has pulled in alot of middle of the roaders who will decide the election.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Gee….I have no idea who Brian is referring to when he says “Does he have some around him who might be better served to finish their degree?…..hehehehehe….

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