Mike Crotts v. John Douglas

Mike Crotts ran a failed race for Congress in the 8th District in 2004, and now appears ready to fire up a State Senate race against John Douglas. Peach Pundit has been informed by multiple state Republican senators that Crotts is burning up phone lines seeking support and input. Thus far it appears the caucus is going to stand with Douglas and several elected Republicans tell Peach Pundit they will do everything they can to help Douglas in the primary.

One State Senator speculated that Crotts is really angling for some attention from the governor and by appearing to go after an incumbent Republican, he may just get that attention.


  1. gopman says:

    Well of course the caucus and I assume the governor will stand up for Sen. Douglas because he is such a yes man. The leadership does not want to loose one of their puppets!

  2. LakeGuy says:

    Absolutely. Of course, the Governor is going to support John. John will bow down to whatever Sonny tells him to do like a good little puppy. It is time we stand up and start cleaning house and getting rid of some of these weak links (i.e. Tom Graves and about 35 House members and about 5 Senators).

    John wouldn’t have been my top pick, but it looks like he is the weakest link to someone.

  3. LakeGuy says:

    At times, yes. Not all the time. But Sonny does things at times that makes no sense, and we need common sense conservatives to stand up to some of his failed proposals. I, unlike Democrats, do not like little soldiers that blindly follow the governor without asking any questions.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    You said:

    “It is time we stand up and start cleaning house and getting rid of some of these weak links (i.e. Tom Graves and about 35 House members and about 5 Senators).”

    So you’re saying these people should be kicked out of office for supporting the Governor too much? Shouldn’t Republicans generally agree on policy matters, and why can’t they resolve their differences behind closed doors and come out with a united front?

    There’s a danger here for Georgia’s Republicans. There are many in our Party who spend their time wanting to run good Republicans out of office simply because they don’t do exactly what they want. We have Party officials demanding the Governor comply with their instructions, others publicly rip the Governor on immigration (even though he supports the bills in the Senate), a County Party rips the School Board for reducing the millage rate, and now you want to kick out a bunch of Senators and Reps because they support the Governor too much.

    I fear a GOP implosion due to petty infighting as much as I fear Cathy Cox or Mark Taylor.

  5. LakeGuy says:

    Well, the infighting will stop once we get rid of some of these guys and revive the party to what it should be and that includes getting rid of the daycare that they call leadership of the party. When the leadership started running things like Democrats, they asked for it from guys like me.

  6. Silence says:

    What five Senators would you name to be puppets? And who do you suggest to put in leadership, should the opportunity arise? Did it ever occur to you that sometimes leadership is primarily there for those who cannot think for themselves?

  7. LakeGuy says:

    Yes it has Silence, but when those in the leadership do not know what they are doing, it makes it hard for them to direct others that don’t know what they are doing.

    It isn’t as bad in the Senate as the House and I won’t name names right now.

  8. Erick says:

    LakeGuy, are you and gopman related? You’re both on the same page and both on the same IP address. Not indicative, but just wondering.

  9. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Republicans not supporting Republicans has always been the weak spot in our party. You never see the Democrats going through this in public.

    Bridges are being burned here and its not going to be pretty.

  10. Silence says:

    I bet I can guess who LakeGuy/gopman is within five guesses. You seem awful willing to throw accusations, LG/GM, but very hesitant to support them with logic and reasoning, even under a pseudonym. What are you afraid of?

  11. Warrior says:

    And Crotts (who is fined for ethics violation as former Ethics Chair), finishes 3rd in his home county, and names a road after a preacher-child molester is better???

  12. Karla Stuckey says:

    Crotts will not be supported by the caucus. No one understands why he would do this. Has he lost his mind?

    And who are these new potential leaders for the caucus? The only potential challenge is from the Shaferites and they are too busy trying to destroy Ralph and elect Cagle.

    Is Crotts aligned with them?

  13. rightontheleft says:

    I think Crotts is committing political suicide. I could understand running for an uncontested seat or against an incumbent Democrat but to run against an incumbent in your own party is pure ego. Once he loses this one, it’s over. He didn’t even carry his own district when he ran for Congress. He spoke at the Henry GOP forum and stumbled through his speech and the election was only a few weeks away. Douglas has worked hard and is definitely not a yes man.

  14. Bill Simon says:


    Once again, you prove yourself to be quite the funny guy…this time accusing someone else of throwing around lots of accusations under a “pseudonym.”

    I’d make a remark about the Pot calling the Kettle Black, but I need a new phrase to throw in your direction…what do you suggest? 🙂

  15. Karla Stuckey says:

    Know someone close who got a call from Crotts about his race. Crotts is convinced he will beat Douglas without too much trouble. He said he has received more than 100 calls from his district asking him to run again and that he could not say no to that. Also said he had looked for another race and nothing came up that he could do.

    I still don’t think many are impressed by this guy and I would think Douglas, as the incumbent, has the upperhand. Guys rarely come back after what happened to Crotts.

    Douglas came up on our radar because of what he did for the guard and reserve members last session. That is appreciated by many.

  16. hccitizen says:

    John Douglas has presented himself a true friend and real representative for Henry County. He is on solid ground here! For the former senator Crotts to challenge him is political suicide.

    After 17 years in the Senate Crotts became too engrained in the job of running for office. He lost any concept of honestly and aggressively representing people.

    John came to my house after the tornadoes of July 7. Crotts lives 2 miles away and has never visited. Politically or Neighborly. That is the difference between them at a human level.

  17. rightontheleft says:

    hccitizen … Minutes away, miles apart. That may be the best way to sum up how Crotts served his constituency while in the State Senate.

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