Jared Thomas and Brian Kemp

This is from the tip line and I have not had a chance to verify it:

Jared Thomas, Campaign Manager to Ralph Reed, was a host tonight at a fundraiser for Sen. Brian Kemp’s campaign to be Agriculture Commissioner. As was aide to Congressman Tom Price, Jeff Hamling. The event was held at Shane’s Rib Shake on Roswell Road in Atlanta.

Ah, the invite. See here.


  1. SouthATL says:

    Wow, it looks like Congressman Price is indirectly endorsing Brian Kemp’s campaign by sending his staff out there. I am impressed.

  2. gopman says:

    Well you know Congressman Price and Sen. Kemp did serve together for a term in the Senate. I have heard before that Congressman Price was behind Kemp. I guess we will see….

  3. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Remember too, that Jared Thomas was Kemp’s first State Senate Campaign Manager, many years back when he was first elected. Maybe that helps explain it a little better.

  4. Silence says:

    BTW, I’m not Erick, I just emailed him the PDF I had ’cause I didn’t know how to put it up. 😀

  5. landman says:

    Guys,I have made my choice known from the beginning in this race, and Kemp’s a very good friend,but regardless of my biased opinion he is going to win this race by a convincing margin.

    I have nothing personal against Gary,but he will not win our primary.I spoke to someone very close to Mr.Tommy and he said emphatically they are gearing up to fight it out with Kemp.Kemp will make us all proud.

  6. Karla Stuckey says:

    Is Kemp returning the favor and supporting Ralph?

    I know Lynn Westmoreland is supporting Ralph? What about Price, or other members of our delegation?

    I suppose Saxby is since Ralph pulled out all the stops for him.

    Does Perdue’s people still think Ralph didn’t do enough for the Gov.? Our Gov. will need the help of a strong Lt. Gov. candidate. I am still trying to figure that one out.

  7. Groseclose says:

    I usually try to avoid being overtly cynical; however, I cannot help but point out what is clearly, albeit not purposeful, a misrepresentation on this Kemp invitation. Notice near the bottom where it reads “Paid for by Farmers . . .

  8. ConservativeFire says:

    Having nothing but farmers on your side won’t win an election. but go for it gary. kemp has broad support around the state, not just a select few.

  9. Groseclose says:


    As was evident near the end of the last thread discussing the Kemp-Black race (Bill Stephens and Gary Black), your rebuttals are regrettable very shallow. I suggest that not in an effort to remove the often fleeting civility that exists on this forum (rather I usually condemn posters that are blatantly personal), but rather in hopes of bringing the debate beyond baseless personal insults toward a below the surface discussion of the dynamics of this race. So, Fire, I challenge you—and other Kemp supporters for that matter— to raise the level of the discussion of the issues and dynamics of the race, not the level of political rhetoric.

    Now to the substantive issue in your rebuttal. Most Georgians with half a political brain know the winner of the Agriculture Commissioner’s post will have to rely on a broad base of support (as does every statewide elected official). However, the agriculture and agribusiness community have a vested interest in the outcome of the race and I am under the belief that this industry will foot a high proportion of the overall bill for the entire race. One must remember that agriculture (not just farming as you thankfully and repeatedly point out) makes up 16% of the state’s economy. Outside possibly the race for Governor, this industry and its pocket books will be focused on the commissioner’s race. Other important Georgia industries will inevitably split their financial resources among a heated Governor’s race, Lt. Governor’s primary, possibly the Secretary of State’s primary, and ultimately the Agriculture Commissioner race. With that said, the jury is still out on Kemp and Black’s fundraising ability. I have heard some suggest that Irvin would be willing to spend as much as $3 million of his own money to finance his campaign (he’s not poor to be high school drop out). We Republicans learned in the Perdue-Barnes battle that money does not always win, but one better believe that the Republican’s nominee better have semi-full coffers come August-November 2006. I firmly believe the difference between semi-full and empty bank accounts could be farmer’s and agribusiness’ contribution to the race. So far Gary is winning in that agriculture and agribusiness demographic (my edict is based solely on financial disclosures). So let’s all hope that cotton prices are better and yields for peanuts and cotton are record breaking next year (if you know anything about agricultural economics, you understand that rarely happens unless the whole world outside Georgia doesn’t make a darn thing). No matter who is the nominee such good crops and prices would be good for GOP coffers. Of course, I make no secret that I believe Gary would see the benefit more intensely, and moreover, those farmers would be better suited to have Gary received their money and vote in his effort to succeed Mr. Irvin as Agriculture Commissioner.

    As to your second point that Kemp has broad support around the state. What evidence do you have besides a schedule that is traditional of a serious statewide candidiate? Gary has broad based financial support among the industry, a list of endorsements that cover the Georgia map, and last I heard the near completion of a statewide grassroots infrastructure. So who is prepared to win in all of Georgia? I see no evidence that its Mr. Kemp!

  10. Tommy_a2b says:

    Groseclose, you need to be congratulated for typing such good remarks without the person attacks that are so common on this blog. I will state that I own a timber farm in middle GA but work in N. GA. Ag Comm is very important to me and I have yet to make up my mind on this race. I also have a degree in political science and many people are forgetting one major thing when it comes to getting elected. I will disagree that frarmers really matter mathmatically in this race as a specific demographic. If these 2 guys are strong canidates to the end of the primary it will be the one who appears to be the most conservative that will win the primary. Everyone has heard “run as far to the right in the primary and then as fast as you can to the middle for the general.” Money will take care of itself for whoever win the primary. Second important issue that I have not seen discussed much is down ballot voting. The Governors ability to turn out the vote is going to be crutial for a position such as Ag Comm. I think these are 2 important things to remember when debating this issue. I am not by the way pointing you out and saying you are the only one not thinking of this. I have seen very little of this discusses in the 2 threads on this issue so far. I also have in no way covered all the important issues in getting ellected. I am just saying that I do not think ag people are a large enough demographic in the Republican Primary to deside this race. Well my baby is complaining that she need more milk, anyone got a dairy cow for sale?

  11. waterboy says:

    So if you are an aide to a Congressman and you attend a fundraiser then you are endorsing the candidate???? Really???

    Okay, maybe that makes both of the Kemp supporters feel better. It would actually be worth noting had Tom Price been there and stated his support. Congressman Deal, Norwood and Westmoreland have personally endorsed Gary Black….no need to have other infer it because a staffer ate free BBQ. http://www.votegaryblack.com/gallery/westmoreland3.jpg

    Great points Groseclose. It appears having angry, shallow comments are all that Kemp’s staff have to offer to the debate.

  12. ConservativeFire says:

    Tommy, thanks for the comments. I can tell you, unlike some, know how the game is played.

    Gary, I mean Grose, I am going to let you continue to believe your game plan will work in this primary.

    The fact is, your biggest supports are not AG Guys, it is the Democrats. The Democratic Party is rooting for Gary. They want Gary to win because Tommy knows he will not have to spend 3 million dollars to defeat a Democrat, special interest lobbyist. Irvin can defeat Gary Black with his eyes closed (which is quite common for him). Gary will be another Deanna Strickland. He will be annihalated.

  13. Bud says:

    Silence, you could say that about most of the people on this thread, from both sides. Especially Groseclose and waterboy and even you silence (definitely Gary staffers).

  14. ConservativeFire says:

    Silence is clearly just some low level hack, probably a secretary at the capitol. His immature, Poli Sci 101 tactics really amuse me.

    I am not on staff but I am ready to go to war for a real conservative republican like Kemp. I wish that brian would hire me so I could get paid to kick every liberal dems’ butt in this state (like Gary).

  15. waterboy says:

    Mr. obnoxious rhetoric and empty issues – you are some kinda tough all right. We’re all impressed conservativefire…..real impressed.

  16. Silence says:

    ConservativeFire, I’ll repeat to you a challenge I issued several weeks ago. I’ll debate you, in some sort of predetermined format on here, any day of the week on this race, with Erick and Clayton as judges, and we’ll see who comes out on top. Any day.

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