Dear Fulton County

With respect, I think you might have a problem on your hands.

Police and Fulton County sheriff’s deputies were searching in northwest Atlanta Thursday for a prisoner who escaped from police custody.

The identity of the escapee was not immediately clear.

Authorities said the man escaped from Atlanta police custody as he was being transferred to the Fulton County Jail.


  1. Silence says:

    Why with respect? That’s pretty stupid thing to let fall through the cracks, if you ask me. Seems to be becoming habitual in the Atl.

  2. rickday says:

    Gasp, this man is a monster! Looking at the charges, he was probably smoking some devil’s weed either in front of some kids, or with minors in the house, but in another room. (Yes, the law is so messed up you can be charged with ‘cruelty’ for this ‘heinous’ crime)

    Yes with robbery, murder, child molestation, corporate funny math and other sordid crimes going on every minute in the Big City, this use of taxpayer money was well spent! I feel so safe now…

    My my, think of the kids that are safer today from ALL drugs, because this awful, afwul reefer maddened animal is now behind bars (at $100 a day).

    Or, at least that is what would be said around, oh, 1925.

    The arrest, manhunt, re-arrest and booking probably cost the taxpayers about $8,000. Probably more like $10k if air surveillance was utilized. This is one more example of wasted dollars on the failed war on drugs.

    Yo, politicians and power mongers viewing these words do something RIGHT for a change; fix it!

    Priorities, people, not posturing!

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Let’s be real: The Fulton County Jail is run by a bunch of slackers who take their lead from their slack-assed elected Sheriff who is too busy trying to figure out how to rape the taxpayers by at least as much as Jackie Barrett did.

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