Trouble in Franklin County

We received this off the tip line:

The Daniel for County Commissioner campaign is preparing to investigate numerous irregularities in the special election to fill the Heard County Commissioner Post 1 seat. “The problems we’ve identified lead us to question the results and to further examine how the election was executed,” campaign chairman Daniel Thrower explained. “During the election there were voters who were turned away in disbelief because they were not on the voter registration list. Post 1 voters in the Franklin precinct were told that they were not in the district and could not vote in the election. And poll workers in Enon Grove attempted to deny candidate Robert Daniel the opportunity to vote.”

Daniel, was running in a four way contested primary and lost. According to his press release, Daniel ran in 2004 and received 45% of the general election vote. He is quoted in his press release as follows:

One of my opponents, Karen Isenhower, was disqualified just before the election when it was discovered that she had moved to another county. When I went to vote I was told I was not on the voter registration list but was allowed to cast a provisional ballot. That evening I spoke with the County Registrar who said that I had provided a change of address saying that I had moved to Troup County. The only problem is that I had not moved, the signature on the change of address was not mine, and if this was the case then why was I not disqualified like Ms. Isenhower?

That should be a fun case.


  1. rickday says:

    Now, if Daniel is a Democrat, do you think the Republican Lege will lead the charge to ‘fix the problem’?


    If Daniels is a Republican, do you think the Republican Lege will lead the charge to ‘fix the problem’?

  2. Silence says:

    Somehow, certain requirements of House Bill 244 required parties to be listed on ballots, even in non-partisan primaries. Daniel’s name was listed with an R beside it. Apparently, the discrepency totals some 60 votes, and Daniels’ internal records are showing affidavits from 75 or so votes, with him winning by a margin of 15 votes or so.

  3. Silence says:

    The “voter id bill” as an entity never passed. It cracks me up how Democrats will take a 90 – odd page bill with around 63 sections and call it the voter ID bill…no wonder the state government was in shambles when the Dems were in power. It actually looks like we may need some ID requirements for an affidavit of relocation, as well. Good grief.

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