Stephens on McGuire

From Bill Stephens’ campaign:

In the campaign for Secretary of State, I have profound philosophical differences of opinion with most of the candidates who are running. However, while Perry McGuire and I were opponents, we were never adversaries due to the fact that we shared the same conservative outlook.

In fact, if Perry had still been a senator when we won our Republican Majority, I would have called on his conservative leadership in helping me run the Senate.

I am excited Perry has entered the race for Attorney General. While the Secretary of State’s race has lost a fine candidate, I fully expect Perry McGuire to make history as the first Republican Attorney General in Georgia history.

With Perry’s departure from the race for Secretary of State, I am confident that voters will be able to make a clear distinction between myself and my opponents.

I am now the only proven conservative candidate in the critical statewide campaign for Secretary of State. I look forward to serving Georgia as this state’s first Republican Secretary of State.


  1. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This is a very good move on Perry’s part. He is a class person. His integrity is impecible. His candidacy will give balance to the ticket.

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