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November 8, 2005 was a great day for Democrats and for our country. The election showed that the American people want competence and honesty at both the national and state level. They want our leaders to focus on the kitchen table issues that affect their daily lives and the future of their children. In Virginia for example, Governor Warner and Governor-Elect Kaine made competence, education, the economy and improved transportation the centerpieces of why they have done a good job, and why they should be returned.

Unfortunately here in Georgia, Governor Perdue has been ineffective in making the Georgia economy stronger – we have the largest percentage drop in real income in the nation and have had the second highest jobless jump in the country in the past year. While Georgia’s education scores fall to the bottom, Governor Perdue closed schools to benefit corporate special interests. Squeezing more children into classrooms and slashing our schools’ budget by $1 billion won’t improve our children’s future. Governor Perdue has done nothing to improve traffic congestion in Georgia, failing to provide any significant effort to address our transportation woes. He’s also the first governor in Georgia history to have the Ethics Commission find him guilty of ethics violations. That’s not the competent, honest, ethical leadership that Georgians want.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Wait a minute…as I recall, Georgia was at the bottom under Roy Barnes…we’ve been at the bottom for all of this decade.

    By the way, if you’re a state that is 46th or lower in education, you’re at the bottom.

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    Hmmm…Bill Shipp writes an article today about how bad Georgia’s economy is and it’s all Sonny’s fault. Was Shipp following Kahn’s talking points or is Kahn following Shipp’s?

  3. Ben King says:

    Hasn’t the state GOP done everything they can to stall and bury the things that the Dems did to improve education? I’m recalling the smaller classrooms legislation which the GOP just keeps pushing back.

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “”””Unfortunately here in Georgia, Governor Perdue has been ineffective in making the Georgia economy stronger””””

    Mr. Khan, you’ve got to be kidding. Either you are an idiot or don’t live in Georgia. I suppose the population explosion is occuring because we have a lavish welfare system? Your rhetoric is hilarious. With the doom and gloom you present, it would be better to tar and feather the man and run him out of town. That doesn’t seem to be happening.

    Are we living in a eutopia? Of course not. But I will tell you, if you think things are bad here try visiting the midwest (Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri etc.). I’ll take our economy over theirs anytime.

    We’ve got a lot of good going on in Georgia.

  5. It is great how alot of inherited problems are now being credited to Republicans, specifically Governor Perdue. I love how Mr. Kahn has already forgotten the near deficit his former boss left us in, with state incomes highly overestimated and no rainy day fund. Mr. Kahn must also have forgotten the fact that we were actually already 50th in SAT scores when Governor Perdue took oath. We have already moved up one to 49th, do not mis understand me, that is still appalling, but better than 50th.

    AS to the rest of the country…
    VA–Governor Warner is a highly popular Governor, something to the tune of 70%. That coupled with Governor-Elect Kaines father (a former REpublican VA Governor) was effective in throwing the swing vote to Kaine.

    NJ–Were we ever supposed to win this one? Wait, were we even supposed to come within 30 points, nope. I think that speaks for it self. But if you want my personal opinion, They are Yanks–and both Liberal, I do not really want a Lib Republican to be pushed up the ladder to leadership so as he is qualified to run for President. At least we know Corzine will never be President.

  6. landman says:

    Bobby, Bobby,Bobby lets not get carried away here,you keep this kind of propaganda up and its going to be hard to explain to your liberal buddies why you failed so miserably in the ’06 General.The state was a mess when you guys were ran out of town,and it will take more than four years to undo 140 yrs of misteps,cronyism,and liberal rule.

    The elections won by Dems on Tuesday were no surprise,we will be where we need to be by ’06.Geoegia Republicans will finish putting the pieces of the puzzle together from Gov on down,and you will be left with an organization that carries it is no longer relevant.

  7. I am still waiting for Perdue to tackle his one transportation promise from the campaign: retiming metro atlanta’s traffic lights. You’d think he could climb into his traffic copter and do something about that.

  8. GAWire says:

    Let me translate Bobby’s post here:

    “Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah . . . blah blah blah . . . blah.”

    Sonny will be Governor for the next four years, Bobby. Your attempts to make the majority of GA voters as dumb as Dems will not work!

    If Nov 8, 2005 was a great day for Dems then I am feeling more comfortable about next year and ’08. You retained 2 Dem seats that were never really in play for us; liberals defeated conservative reforendums in CA . . . big surprise; and, you got Shirley Franklin re-elected. Congratulations – you are as clueless as I always thought.

  9. Erick says:

    Actually, I think what Tuesday showed, coupled with Harriet Miers and Bush’s poll numbers, is that Republicans lose when they reject their conservative base in favor of sounding like tax and spend Democrats.

  10. Bull Moose says:

    I think what Tuesday showed is that voters are getting fed up with the status quo and stock answers. Voters want to see a little more meat as it relates to how to address some of the systematic problems we are facing as a society.

    I’m a Republican, but, much more of this and it will be hard to carry that banner. However, the Democrats are no better — they are just on the other side.

    I really think that our country and society is ripe for a legitimate third party to rally the best ideas of both sides and move forward with a results based style of governing.

  11. Ben King says:

    Erick – are you saying the lose in VA was due to poor turnout? Or that Kilgore wan’t able to ‘gain traction’ because he had problems being identified as ‘true’ conservative?

    How did Kilgore reject the conservative base? He ran big with anti-immigrant issues, he did the whole ‘death penalty’ bit (I personally think that might be what really did him in, that is when the race turned). Kilgore pretty much ran as “I’m conservative”, I think. Maybe it was more “Kaine’s liberal”.

    Or are you saying that Kilgore wasn’t able to capitalize on running as a conservative becuase Bush and the national GOP has alienated the base with Meirs?

    I think Bush’s numbers are down for a lot more reason than Meirs, personally. His numbers sucked before that, Meirs just kind of put him through the trap door.

  12. Ben King says:

    GAWire – do you ever actually think things through? All you ever say is “boy, you dems are stupid.” and then you take GOP dominance for granted.

    And, if you think that Va. can be that easily dismissed, then you are welcome to it. i think a lot of people thought that y’all were supposed to win that one. Kilgore was up for most of the race I think, and Kaine was generally acknowledged to be more liberal than Warner. He took the death penalty thing on the chin pretty much, although managed to spin it well.

    Plus, Kilgore was supposed to kick but in the ground game. Before the election everyone said that Dems needed to be up by 5 to have a chance cuz the GOP ground game was so good. I think most polls had Kaine up by maybe three or so, he won by six.

    I think Bull is on to something, personally.

  13. Erick says:

    Being up here the week before the election gave me a good look at things. Kilgore allied himself with the General Assembly Republicans who pushed through a bigger tax increase than the Democrat Governor wanted. He backed away from the life issue, supported and campaigned for RINOs against conservatives, and generally ran a bad campaign. He failed to keep a consistent message, sent mixed messages, and seems to have thrown the campaign strategy book out the window.

    Kilgore did not talk about the issues voters cared about. He spent his time on the death penalty, etc., which really weren’t issues in play. Other statewide Republicans who denounced the GOP tax increase, supported conservatives, and talked about issues that matters won.

  14. Karla Stuckey says:

    Well said Erick. The tax increase passed with Republican leadership support in VA is rediculous. The senate leader of their budget committee was recently in Georgia suggesting that we increase our taxes like they did so as to prepare for the future.

    What hogwash. Cut taxes if you want your economy to grow. When Republicans do stupid things like they did in VA, we do not win.

  15. GAWire says:

    Others got to this point before I saw it but Kilgore’s tax issues were the key item that kept him from identifying with a lot of fiscal conservatives, which in turn, kept a lot of people from voting. Also, turnout at off-yr elections is always bad, so, yes, that played a key role. But still – Dems already had that seat.

    Ben, you say that all I ever say is that “Dems are stupid,” when, in point of fact, I don’t think I have ever said that specifically before the posting above – if someone can find me saying that in previous posts, then feel free to point it out.

    The reason I said it today is that by what your leader is saying, I can only conclude that either 1) He and his Party are stupid people; or, 2) He knows what he is saying is false, but still wants to use false info to bring in voters . . . indirectly making you stupid.

    Also, I normally don’t result to calling names – certainly not uncreative names like “stupid” – but with the McKinney/Tupac thing and now Bobby Kahn trying to make us believe that ’05 was a major victory for Dems – what else should I conclude?

  16. Bill Simon says:

    Well, GAW, they will only be proven “stupid” IF they do not win in 2006. If they do win in 2006, then they will be proven right, and you will be proven stupid.

    SO, let’s all wait until November of 2006 to see who’s right and who ends up just being stupid.

  17. Ben King says:

    GAWire – Perhaps I overreacted. I guess you’d just said earlier:

    >but I am a little baffled how people see Shirley Franklin as such an effective leader.

    which is really just another way of saying “Dems are stupid”. So I stand corrected. I still think it is a pretty lame analysis of the election, though.

  18. Ben King says:

    Erick – looking at the Virginia election results, the other two GOP candidates won by 1% and .05%. Hardly overwhelming, but yes, victories.

    I’m still not clear. Are you saying that the conservatives stayed home? Or that they voted for the other candidates and not for Kilgore? (all the down ballot GOPs got more votes than Kilgore, but so did all the down ballot Dems.) Or that because they ran as conservatives, they attracted more people ‘in general’?

    Isn’t Warner crazy popular sort of because of the tax increases? Isn’t he seen as taking a difficult issue and making ‘the right choice’? Sort of like Franklin? I really don’t know that much about Virginia elections, and you may be on to something. But it seems like it would be like running against Shirley, losing, and then saying ‘well, you weren’t pissed off enough that she raised your water rate’. (I know that Warner wasn’t in the election, but that was basically Kaine’s strategy, right? He’s basically Warner, Jr. was his message, yeah?)

    Also, didn’t Dems gain seats in the Virginia legislature? (I can’t find a link on that, I may be wrong).

    GAWire – how do you not see this as a victory for Dems? Even _if_ we ‘held on’ to it, it is still a victory. I see Bush winning in 04 as a victory for you guys, even though he just ‘held on’. But I still think you guys were supposed to win this race. I’d even say that the down ballot wins indicate that VA is still a GOP lean state, even if just barely.

  19. Chris says:

    While I like seeing the democratic side of things on Peach Pundit, someone who doesn’t sound like he cut-n-pasted from a press release or talking points would be more valuable.

  20. stephaniemills21 says:

    GOP Talking point via the “Hotline”:

    Tonight was a vote for the status quo. We began the night with 28 GOP governorships and we concluded the evening with the same amount. The two gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia are not determinate of larger trends. Each was a race unique unto itself. In these off-year races, the electorate is focused on local issues, and whether the candidates represent their values and beliefs.

    Wooten Quote from today:

    Good news Tuesday for Gov. Sonny Perdue, who’s up for re-election next year. Voters throughout the land showed themselves generally satisfied with the status quo. Good for incumbents and the party in power.

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