1. Romegaguy says:

    And I quote “Ralph Reed is a mainstream, balanced budget, tax-cutting, pro-family conservative who is running a positive, optimistic campaign for Lt. Governor.”

    Ralph is mainstream? and could we get some PROOF on the whole “balanced budget” and “tax cutting” … Oh that’s right, he has no EXPERIENCE other than taking money from Casinos…

  2. landman says:

    RR is leaking oil bad,Im surprised it took him so long to try and throw a counter punch,as lame as it is,at least it is an attempt to spin out of the lies and deception.Not, that I think you would ever bow out,but hang in there Ralph we want to take this to election day, and have a verdict handed down by the good people of our Great State in regards to who is the most qualified to be our Lt. Gov.By the way that sound you here is not a waterfall,but rather people jumping out of the boat……..

  3. Tater Tate says:

    I still don’t think most folks care about the LG race right now. I can’t find anybody who cares except for us junkies. Sorry landman, but RR’s support seems ok down my way. We don’t take the AJC down here. I look at it on line some time, but it looks like they have an agenda where it comes to RR and I think that probably helps him with “R” primary voters. Most folks don’t have a clue about this stuff.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    You mean the moral beacon of Northwest Georgia is supporting Ralph Reed? Am I supposed to be surprised?

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Glad to know that Ralph can still spin and blow smoke to distract from people from the truth about him!!!

    Come on people — a vote for Ralph Reed at this point is a vote to rebuild the Democratic Party.

  6. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Originally I intended on staying away from this race because I felt that it would evolve into a nasty mess. Well it has. Middle Georgia hasn’t seen the information that people in the metro Atlanta area have read. Frankly, I didn’t read the AJC articles because I felt they had a leftist bias. But if you read the info posted on the Senate Oversight Committee’s website http://indian.senate.gov/ its pretty damning.

    And, because we haven’t seen the bombardment of info doesn’t mean we and South Georgia won’t. If anyone thinks for a moment that the Dems won’t use that next year, and it won’t have a negative impact, then you’re only fooling yourself.

    Ralph is well entrenched in key Republican Counties in the Middle and South Georgia. It is going to be an uphill battle for Cagle, but he can win if people begin to call a spade a spade.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    I hear the people in Middle Georgia who support Ralph are unable to read or eat by themselves…they rely on Reed to spoon-feed them what to do, say, or think about on a daily basis.

    Examples of these people would be folks like Debra Lyons and Cecil Staton. If they don’t get a weekly e-mail from Ralph, they would be reduced to a blithering pile of human flesh, melting into a mass of ashes in the corner of their little world…

  8. Bull Moose says:

    This Reed-Abramoff mess combined with the DeLay mess combined with the CIA leaks combined with the FEMA mess combined with the soaring deficits is enough to make a good Republican sick…

    What happen to the values and principles of being a conservative?

    Much more of this mess and November 2006 will look alot like the elections results of today in which Democrats triumphed…

  9. landman says:

    Ellijay,I have been of the opinion from the middle of the summer,that this race is full.The rumor mill will throw out a name every other week ,but it goes away quickly.

    Jk made some phone calls to act as if he were getting in,but he would only jump in if RR got out,It was more of self promotion than anything.This race is full and RR will be there to the end and we will see who has been paying attention to the revelations about him.My gut tells me Tater Tate and these other people that dont think people have been paying attention are going to be surprised.

  10. Decaturguy says:

    Unfortunately, Bill, Ralph Reed probably is a “mainstream Republican” these days. You would be considered a left wing Republican, believe it or not. And, therein lies the long term insolvency of the Republican Party.

  11. GAWire says:

    Oh yeah, weloveralphreed.blogspot.com is great . . . keep it up, Ralph. The front page pic is perfect.

    Typically I would agree that no one really cares about Lt. Gov races, and people show up to vote for Gov and just happen to vote for the Lt. Gov of the same Party as their Gov pick. This is not necessarily 100% true for ’06. Still, turnout will be low b/c we don’t have to go vote for Sonny in July; however, there will be more attention on Reed vs. Cagle from the mainstream GOP voters than typical Lt. Gov races.

    reedfacts.com is a sorry attempt to spin, explain and scramble to save some kind of face for Ralph, but there is no stopping the news on the rampant scandals that surround Reed. I just hope mainstream GOP voters realize that before next summer, and I think they will.

    Bull is correct that supporting Reed now is only going to help the Dems. I said this before, but most folks in politics that care about their careers won’t touch Ralph Reed with a 10 ft pole, and that is only going to continue.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    If Ralph Reed is an example of an upstanding mainstreet conservative republican than it may be a sign that the party is beginning to leave some of us with brains and common sense behind.

    I think this is systematic of TOO much power within the Republican Party being concentrated in the backrooms of Atlanta and decisions being made by people who really don’t want anyone else involved.

    It’s time to shake up the power in Atlanta, spread the agencies across the state, and decentralize power… That an elect some real leaders to office…

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