Election Day

It is election day acrosss Georgia in many municipalities. Assuming the 11th Circuit reverses Judge Murphy, which I think is likely now that I’ve read all of his opinion (more on that later), this will be the last election with easy voter fraud at the polls. From here on out, it’ll have to be all absentee fraud (laugh, people, laugh).

Consider this an open thread.


  1. buzzbrockway says:

    Gwinnett’s municipal elections could be interesting. A large number of incumbent Mayors and Councilmen (and Women) are being challenged. If there is a theme to Gwinnett’s municipal elections it is a referendum on local revitalization efforts. Almost every city in Gwinnett is engaged in improving their cities with parks, shops, amphitheaters etc… If the voters like the direction of these efforts, incumbents will win.

  2. I agree with GaWire, the voter ID bill tipped off fraudsters that they’ll no longer be able to ride roughshod over our elections in the future. Today will be like the gang getting back together for one final big score scene in a retired gangster movie. How else will we be able to explain a black Democrat winning the mayor’s race in conservative Atlanta?

  3. emily says:

    The founding fathers meant someting by it
    It’s great! So many states have tried it!
    We call it democracy
    That voting thing–just wait and see..
    For all..isn’t that how the Fathers intended?

  4. ConservativeFire says:

    Emily, you may have been trying to be sarcastic in your last remark, and if you were, forgive the following comments.

    The answer to your question is…no. Democracy was never intended nor ever should be. Democracy is simply mob rule and leads to the destruction of civilazations. We are a Republic and there should be requirements for people to vote.

    I bet you that our Founders would have agreed with the voter ID Bill and others that would require being able to READ, WRITE, to be ALIVE, to be a citizen, and so on and so on.

    The Voter ID Bill should just be the begining of Voter and Election reform in Georgia/America.

    Maybe some kind of competency test should required too??

  5. ddreyer says:

    ConservativeFire is advocating for an oligarchy or plutocracy. The basic reason an oligarchy doesn’t work is because those without a voice are completely dependant on the magnanimity of those with a voice. Though some people might consider what is best for others, many wont.

    CF, I think you’ve actually pointed out a paradox in your own philosophy. First, free market capitalism (and I am assuming you are a free market capitalist) posits that individuals are self-interested beings who make choices to maximize their own interests. Most of us would agree with this to some extent. Second, in an oligarchy, only a number of citizens decide who governs. Thus, if only some in society are able to determine who governs, because humans are self-interested beings, those choosing the government will only choose in their own interests.

    Really, what is the motivation to help those that can’t vote? Pure altruism? That may be a nice thought, but if I’m going to give up my right to vote, I’m not going to do it on the basis that I hope a more enlightened person will magnanimously look out for me. Democracy allows that everyone’s interests will be represented. And there isn’t a better way. (i.e., Democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others). That’s why all mainstream political thinkers in our country adopt a foreign policy designed to spread democracy, albeit with a large amount of disagreement over how to do so.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    Right, Tater..the good ‘ole days…like, when women couldn’t own property, and therefore couldn’t vote? Yeah…those good ole days…when women could be counted on to remain barefoot, pregnant, and it would be unheard of for a woman to run for public office…yeah, we should go back to ‘dem der “gud ‘ole daze” shouldn’t we, Tater? 🙂

  7. Winners:
    Tim Kaine-Governor Virginia
    Jon Corzine-Governor New Jersey
    Eric Clarkston-Mayor Chamblee
    Eva G.-Mayor Sandy Springs
    Rusty Paul-Councilman
    Tibby Somthing-Councilman
    Claire Muller-Councilman
    Henquice-Mayor of Woodstock

    Dave Greenspan
    Oz Hill
    Ashley Jenkins
    Joey Mason
    Brian Bates

  8. GeorgiaEagle says:

    Robert Daniel for County Commissioner
    c/o P.O. 758, Franklin, GA 30217


    To: Political News Desk

    Contact: Dan Thrower, Campaign Coordinator 678-854-7085
    Ricardo Davis, Campaign Assistant Coordinator 770-778-5039

    (FRANKLIN, Ga., November 9) The Daniel for County Commissioner campaign is preparing to investigate numerous irregularities in the special election to fill the Heard County Commissioner Post 1 seat. “The problems we’ve identified lead us to question the results and to further examine how the election was executed,

  9. GeorgiaEagle says:

    Correction on the next to last paragraph … the ballot was not partisan. One of the changes brought to the election code by HB 244 was that candidates in special elections to fill partisan seats must give their party affiliation. However, Mr. Daniel is reported to declared himself as an independent for this election.

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