Challenge for Senator Douglas

Rumor has it that the formerly imminent and recently defeated state senator and candidate for United States Congress Mike Crotts has uprooted and moved to the Covington area in order to challenge incumbent Chairman of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee John Douglas (of Blue Light Bill fame). As a former state Senator, it will be interesting to see if Crotts has what it takes to gain the support of the caucus.


  1. ConservativeFire says:

    There is going an all out war in District 17. Crotts, with or without the Senate Caucus, will defeat John Douglas. Being that he has great contacts in that district, has represented it before, and is a good guy and so on. It will be a vicious campaign but my money is on Crotts.

  2. Silence says:

    Um, conservativefire, you reveal your youth and inexperience yet again…the first interesting thing to note about Crotts is that he’s never had opposition until he decided to play out of his league. I would dare to say, as well, that Douglas stands a good chance of an endorsement from a certain Congressman against whom Crotts ran in 04 (and lost to), and for whom Douglas provided an endorsement. Anyone care to guess at how many of the current caucus members Crotts NEVER served with?

  3. UGA Wins 2005 says:


    Yep, $40K for submitting a false document, claming to have put $400k of his own money into the campaign and then pulling it out without notifying his opponents, the “millionaire” rule.

    Combine the integrity issue with the fact that he finished third in his own home county in the Congressional race, and me thinks Douglas gets the roses.

  4. Romegaguy says:

    But folks, when Crotch was dying from bad Chinese food God TOLD HIM TO RUN FOR OFFICE. The same God that told Denise Majette to run for the US Senate (personally I think he told Denise that she needed to get her fat ass in shape by running…). Where do we get these idiots?

  5. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Better explanation: He never put the $400K into his campaign account, just signed his name to a document saying he did. He got caught when he then submitted a report, again false, saying he repayed himself and didnt notify his opponents.

  6. Tater Tate says:

    I’m with Senator Douglas. He really did a lot for our Guard and Reserve men and women during the last session and I appreciate it. Crotts always seemed like a nice guy and was a good avocate on moral issues, but a little wierd. I never saw him as a congressman.

    Unless there is a strong reason I am unaware of, I don’t think we need a primary fight here. Douglas, from all I hear, is a hard worker and is well liked. He is conservative and retired military, I think he is a good voice in the Senate.

  7. Arbusto says:

    ConservativeFire…what contacts in his district? He could not carry his home county in the Congressional Primary, finished third. But we can never be sure what his home county is, Henry or Rockdale? My money is on Douglas walking away with this election.

  8. It’s funny, the Republican MO for 2006 seems to be lose badly in a primary for higher office in 2004 and now try desperately to get back your lower office. I guess it’s “working” for Collins so Crotts is taking his shot too. I wonder if Crotts will continue to “use” Strategic Vision as his pollster/consultant. Interestingly they did not release any of their Crotts polls in 2004.

  9. SouthATL says:

    All I can say is that Mike may give Douglas a good run in the primary, but I believe Douglas will pull out. There is no way that Mike could out work Douglas. Douglas is a good conservative that works hard and is a good guy. He will prevail!

  10. UGA Wins 2005 says:

    Labor Commissioner is wide open for a good Republican. Crotts needs to get the “ME” and “team” reversed on his shirt and get with the program.

  11. Ben King says:

    Frankly, I have no opinion about this race. Other than to say that Tater’s comment made me think we should have one of those espn page 2 style tournaments, where we can pit Crotts and Douglas hair against each other. Why doesn’t peach pundit hold a ‘best of ga. capitol’ poll like the washingtonian does?

  12. gopman says:

    Alright, first of let me give you a perspective from someone who actually lives in District 17 ( someone who can actually vote on this race unlike most of ya’ll on this blog). Sen. Douglas is a great guy, I do not know him personally but I have met him several times. But the only reason people somewhat like Sen. Douglas is because he can’t keep his face out of the papers, and he does all of the “feel good things” like get resolutions passed for people and invites everyone to the capitol for a picture with him and the governor That is great, but we need someone who will get up there and do what they think is right and not just be a puppet for the leadership. It is time that us republicans wake up and send people to Atlanta that will actually work for the people and not just do what the higher ups tell them to do. On the flip side I do not know if Crotts is the right person to oppose Sen. Douglas. However, he did do a good job when he was elected. He will have a lot more support in the district ( which actually counts) then most people o n here are giving him credit for. Crotts better watch out for Douglas because he will do whatever it takes to win, he has no limits.

  13. LakeGuy says:

    So, why would Crotts run against a fellow Republican? Probably because he like me and other are sick and tired of weak leadership in government. We are tired these whipping boys that do anything they are told by the leadership. There are too many weak leaders in this district, and I want to be represented by some strong leaders. John is a great guy, but just isn’t right for this job.

    Dittos to you gopman!

  14. ilcaraway says:

    While Mr. Crotts has great experience in the State Senate, his latest campaign for the U.S. Congress was disgraceful. John Douglas has done what Mike Crotts rarely did and that is speak and stand for what he knew to be right regardless. I am proud to support Senator Douglas, he is a leader and has worked hard for this area. I thought, years ago I would like Mike, but was disappointed. Now I have Douglas and I am content!

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