Washburn Enters

Dale Washburn has declared his candidacy for David Graves seat. Washburn is the first to officially announce for that seat. Peach Pundit expects to see others, as many as four others, enter as well, but most are probably waiting until after the holidays to make their announcements along with some initial pronouncements of money in the bank.

Full disclosure here now: I have been approached by a few candidates in that race to consider helping them. I have chosen to help a former classmate and will do my best to avoid commenting on that race at all, but should I, I will not do so without disclosing that fact. I think to do otherwise would be unethical.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Hmm…ya know, I’m not sure what is ethical anymore. But, thank goodness Bush has sent his underlings to Ethics Camp…too bad he didn’t check himself into the class.

  2. I was in Macon for the General last cycle. At least Washburn already has literature and signs printed. He did not seem as personable though. I would have to see all who jumps in before I make a decision.

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