New Sponsor

As you all can plainly see, we have a new sponsor here at Peach Pundit. As I stated before, any sponsorship which is apropos to the site, and is not in bad taste will be accepted. We have sponsorships in order to defray the costs of running the site. We had at least half a dozen people ask about ads, but when we set up the site to accept them, the well was dry.

Surely the fact that our very first sponsor is an anti-Reed campaign will cause many of you to tighten those tin foil beanies.

Peach Pundit remains true to our charter – of providing the best political commentary (and gossip) in Georgia. If you have a different point of view or want to sponsor Peach Pundit yourself, just click here. It’s only $10 per week – a steal for a site that gets 2000+ visits per week (and growing).

In any case, great thanks go out to our first sponsor – a place in Peach Pundit history!


  1. Romegaguy says:

    FYI – id you use Firefox instead of Explorer you dont have the joy of seeing “the little guy” and his sponsorship of this fine, fine site.

    I think he could probably raise more money if he was to post his stop ralph reed banner on wonkette or move on

  2. Hammertime says:

    Let me see if I understand your sponsor…
    A Democrat in a primary wants to campaign on a platform of beating a Republican who is in a primary? If his potential voters want to stop Reed, shouldn’t they vote in the GOP primary? Well, Peach Pundit, go ahead and take his money because it won’t last long!

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Hammertime, Hecht’s voters would likely not defect from the Dem primary due to the fact that Hecht has a primary opponent…and, even if he didn’t have a primary opponent, those who would vote in Dem primaries will stay to vote for either Cathy Cox or Mark Taylor.

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