Hecht on Reed

Amazing. I go away to a family reunion and come back to ads! Fantastic. Interesting that a Democrat was the first one to place an ad here. The prevailing wisdom in “blogdom” is that Democrats “get” blogs better than Republicans.

Not that I’m complaining about a sponsor, or questioning a sponsor, but I do think it is interesting that Hecht is spending money now to attack Ralph Reed. Does that mean the Democrat primary will be docile? I doubt it. Does it mean that Hecht actually fears a Reed candidacy more than a Cagle candidacy? That is a question to ponder.

But, here is a more important question to ponder: Is Reed useful to the Democrats as a fundraising tool? It certainly appears that Hecht thinks so.

Ralph, there is one thing you can and should do: advertise on Peach Pundit. Heck, you’ve already been advertising on Southern Appeal — the first Georgia candidate to actually run a blog ad was, believe it or not, Ralph Reed.

In any event, welcome to our first advertiser and the more the merrier.

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