Who the GOP Should Fear

The Republican hold on the Georgia House and Senate is probably a sure thing, but it is not definite. The Republicans in the House have a small majority, but needs to hold on to it. That is why David Graves’ problems cause problems for the House.

Sitting in his law office, a few floors below me, is Robert Reichert. Mr. Reichert once represented roughly David Graves’ current district. Reichert famously signed off on the new district represented by Graves and then retired from the House instead of fighting his friend David for the seat. The result gave the GOP a seat they might not have had and deprived the local delegation of a needed Democrat vote.

Reichert, a former legislator and Macon City Council, is well liked, an excellent attorney, and involved in the local community. He might have beaten Graves had he run. He could run again. If he does, I’d be hard pressed to name a Republican as the front runner in that district.

Rumor has it that Reichert wants to be mayor of Macon and may run for Ellis’s seat with some heavy cross party backing. For a long while the gossip in town was that David Graves helped Reichert get a prime spot to shape a consolidated Macon and Bibb County so Reichert could run for Mayor of the consolidated county. With Charlie Bishop, Cecil Staton, and Allen Freeman not moving forward on consolidation (a wise and good move on their parts), Reichert just might be persuaded to run for David Graves’ seat — especially if David does not run again, which is increasingly likely. If Reichert runs, he’ll be the front runner.


  1. Hammertime says:

    Graves is 6 feet under. Stick a marker on him.
    “His southern accent can be misinterpreted as slurred speech”! How much is that lawyer getting?

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    There are several local GOP members that are considering a run. Dale Washburn has already announced that he is seeking the seat. Former House member Don Elliott has indicated strong interest.

    This seat should remain Republican.

  3. Silence says:

    Maurice, Isn’t that Wayne Elliot, not Don? I’ve talked to several folks, including some of the lobbyists in Atlanta, and they consider Washburn to be the front runner at this point, several of them having even said they’d consider giving him money. I met the fella once or twice, once at the Governor’s banquet, and he’s a sharp guy. Plus, he was willing to take a hit by losing to Robert Brown to raise his name ID. Sounds like a serious contender to me.

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    My error, it is Wayne. I know way too many Elliotts.

    My point is that we have quality candidates with tremendous reputations that are willing to serve. I think the district would prefer to be represented by a Republican. While I don’t discount Reichert, he is a good man, I just think the nod would go to a qualified Republican.

  5. Silence says:

    I’m on board with you there, Maurice. Plus, I think the demographics of the district dictate that it will be a Republican rather than a Dem.

  6. Romegaguy says:

    My thought is that the GOP should fear Ralph Reed and what he will do to the ticket if he is the Lt Gov nominee.

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